Eli Roth

18 April 1972, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
42 years

Cerina Vincent, Courtney Peldon, Barbara Nedeljakova, Rosario Dawson
Eli Roth is an American film director, producer and writer. He´s done movies like "Cabin Fever, Hostel", "Hostel Part II" and "Inglourious Basterds". Eli Roth also did the animation sequences for MTV Movie Awards in 2004.
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Time To Scream Again!

Tuesday 5:00 PM, 12/04/2011
Kristen Bell Anna Paquin Rory Culkin Marley Shelton Eli Roth; Marilyn Manson David Cook Emma Roberts Eli Roth Marilyn Manson, Shenae Grimes Balthazar Getty Freddie Highmore Hayden Panettiere David Arquette and his interesting dates! Rosanna Arquette
David Arquette and Courteney Cox met and fell in love on the set of the first Scream movie more than 10 years ago and last night, the ex couple appeared on the red carpet, separately as exes! So much can change, but the movies still kind of stay the same. They are still starring Neve Campbell and they are full of stars who will be massacred by the masked killer! Check who was on the red carpet and have fun watching the trailer!
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Eli Roth Dumps Peaches Geldof!

Monday 8:37 AM, 04/10/2010
Eli is 17 years older than Peaches - no wonder it didn't last!
We are not too surprised by this, because we always thought Peaches Geldof was a strange choice of girlfriend for Eli Roth! Apparantly Eli broke up with Peaches this past week and judging by her Twitter updates and what we hear from her friends, she is totally heartbroken! She spent the weekend posting quotes about heartbreak from Shakespeare and the Wizard of Oz and then deleting them, so we are thinking it must be true! Will Peaches convince Eli to take her back? We kind of hope not, but we do feel bad for her as well! (Source: GossipWrap)
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Peaches and Eli Are Not Afraid!

Wednesday 7:08 AM, 01/09/2010
Looking good Peaches! They like scary movies!
Brit socialite Peaches Geldof and her Hollywood boyfriend Eli Roth attended the premiere for scary movie "The Last Exorcism" yesterday (Eli is the producer) as part of the Frightfest held in the The Icon Bar in London last night. We would've been a little nervous going to see a movie as gruesome as this one, but they didn't seem freaked out at all. They were totally stylish and cool. Take a look at the trailer, it looks totally scary!

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Peaches Geldof Planning Wedding No.2!

Friday 4:05 PM, 30/07/2010
We told you these two were inseperable! There are reports all over the place today that Peaches Geldof and her boyfriend of under a year Eli Roth are engaged and planning a wedding for early January next year! Even though there is a 17 year age gap between Eli and Peaches, they have been telling friends that they are totally sure this is it and luckily for Peaches, her dad actually is a fan of Eli's unlike her first quickie marriage partner Max Drummey!

We are hearing that they want a rooftop wedding in New York with only 50 close friends and family members and the ceremony will be a Jewish one to keep up Eli's family's tradition. Good luck guys, we hope you have fun with all the planning and organising and we wish you the best (lets hope it lasts this time)! (Source: AceShowbiz)

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Peaches Geldof's New Hollywood Look!

Thursday 7:02 AM, 29/07/2010
The new smile! The happy couple LA Peaches
Now that British fashionista has a Hollywood boyfriend and has moved to Los Angeles to be with him, she has changed her whole look to fit into her new glitzy surroundings. We had noticed the tan and the more girly outfits, but yesterday as Peach and her man Eli Roth as well as BFF Bobby Trendy had fun making milkshakes at Millions of Milkshakes,, we noticed something different about her smile too - she has a brand new one! She has had a Hollywood style mouth makeover and we have to say she looks great!, but we think she could go easier on the tan...
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Peaches & Eli Roth Inseperable!

Saturday 3:32 PM, 19/06/2010
We hope this is love at last for unlucky Peaches!
Hot new couple Brit socialite Peaches Geldof and actor Eli Roth seem totally in love! We have spotted them all over London this week and they do everything together. They just can't seem to get enough and are always touching. We hear that Peaches is even flying back and forth to Hollywood with Eli when she needs to, just so they don't have to spend any time apart. Sweet!
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