Ed Westwick

27 June 1987, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
27 years

Jessica Szohr, Allison Mosshart, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan
Ed Westwick began his career as a singer in the band The filthy Youth among other things, the film music for the Children of men. Finally, the acting took too much time and he therefore chose to put the music on the shelf. His greatest success so far is the one rich man's son Chuck Bass in the mega-hit Gossip Girl. Ed Westwick is like many other actor trained at the renowned National Youth Theater in London. He has two older brothers, love to work in the garden and sees music as his salvation.

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On The Set Of Gossip Girl!

Saturday 2:01 AM, 10/03/2012
Cute LV bag!
As you guys know, we love Gossip Girl! We spotted Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, and Ed Westwick on the set. Click on the pictures to see more from the set!
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The Ones Who Didn't Live Happily Ever After!

Monday 4:04 PM, 27/02/2012
AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz first fell in love on the set of 90210 in 2008. Then they fell out of love, then in love, then out, then in, then... The on and off couple finally broke up for good in 2011. Former husband and wife, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, met on the set of their film Days of Thunder. They were married for 11 years and have two children together, Isabella and Connor. We must admit, we were a bit surprised finding out Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor were dating. After a couple of months though, they broke up and soon after that Jessica quit Gossip Girl and now there's rumors about the couple being back together again. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams' fate seems to be connected. They were born in the same hospital and were reunited in The Notebook which lead to an off-set romance, sadly it ended in 2007. Before dumping Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt got dumped by ex-fiance Gwyneth Paltrow in1997. Who can forget these two lovebirds? We all know Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met and fell in love on the set of High School Musical and the cute couple stayed together for 5 years. That's a lot ifor Hollywood! Before all the drama surrounding Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher used to be boyfriend to now deceased, Brittany Murphy. These two hilarious people met filming Just Married.  Bennifer vol. 1 was consisting of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The former couple met on the set of Gigli and were engaged but broke up before the wedding. Suitable, these two met while doing Valentine's Day. And for a short period of time we were playing with the idea that if Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift got married, Hollywood would have two Taylor Lautners! Can you believe Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz used to date? Neither can we, it just seems a bit off. But they did, Matthew became Penelope's rebound, after her breakup from Tom Cruise, on the set of Sahara. Former couple Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are still friends but that's about it, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed for at least Dan and Serena to get back together.
Stars seem to fall in love on set all the time, unfortunately it doesn't mean the love will last once the filming is over. Some couples you just know from the beginning that it isn't going to work. These Hollywood couples fell in love on set and learned that life isn't a movie and that you can't always live happily ever after.
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10 Hottest Celebs Born In The 80s!

Tuesday 9:17 PM, 21/02/2012
David Beckham move over, here's Cristiano Ronaldo! Chace Crawford always makes our heart skip a beat! Hottest Canadian right now: Ryan Gosling! We fell in love with Chris Pine when he starred with Lindsay Lohan in "Just My Luck". Do we even have to say something? Jeez, look at that Zac Efron's crazy hot smile! Chad Michael Murray is such a cute guy! Who didn't love Channing Tatum in the movie "Step Up"? Chuck Bass, Ed Westwick. We love them both! Cam Gigandet played a bad boy on "The O.C." He is super hot!
There are a lot of hot celebs out there, like too many to count. So we decided to find our fave celebs born in the 80s and drool over them today. S...READ MORE ▶
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Latest news!

Jessica Szhor & Ed Westwick Are Back Together!

Thursday 4:46 PM, 16/02/2012
Are they getting back togheter?
It seems like the Gossip Girl-stars, Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr, have found each other again. The couple broke up in March 2010 but have been se...READ MORE ▶
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Saturday 4:34 PM, 31/12/2011
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Top 10 NYE Kisses!

Wednesday 6:33 PM, 28/12/2011
Ryan Reynolds will probably kiss Blake Lively at NYE, we're so jealous of her! We think a lot of girls will wanna kiss Justin Bieber! Making out with the hot werewolf Taylor Lautner at midnight? Yes please! Or maybe the vampire Robert Pattinson? Bradley Cooper was named  the sexiest man of 2011 by People Magazine. We totally agree with them! Mmm, Ryan Gosling! James Franco is old news! We'd rather be smooching with his younger brother Dave at NYE! Zac Efron is a strong candidate for our fave NYE kiss ever! Miranda Kerr has snatched the hottie Orlando Bloom, but a girl can a dream...
Do you already know who to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve? Well, we know who'd we LIKE to kiss, but chances aren't great our wishes will come true. We have collected the hottest guys of 2011 and now it's up to you to decide: Who is the ultimate NYE kiss?


Who Would You Rather Kiss at NYE?

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