Duffy looks boring!

Monday 6:02 PM, 11/08/2008

The new cool rock star Duffy is staying at the CBS Plaza during her stay in New York. She's going out shopping and wears a striped red and white t-shirt with a matching cardigan and a pair of jeans with high waistline. But we are disappointed by her style, doesn't it look boring for a rock star? We want more of Duffy's cool fifties outfits!
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elisabeth(non member) 1
12/08/2008 7:57 AM
she definitely looks boring!

shut uuuup(non member) 2
01/06/2009 10:58 AM
yeah it's little boring butt i still think that
it's pretty/cute

andreea(non member) 3
01/11/2009 4:16 PM
less is more

sariee(non member) 4
01/11/2009 4:40 PM
it's not that bad ..

...(non member) 5
27/11/2009 6:46 PM
oh s*it. first u said that lady gaga's look is too
much,and looks very bad,and stupid. then u say
that duffy's look is boring? that's don't make any

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