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Kate Moss and Jamie Hince...Drunk at Dinner?!

Monday 5:14 PM, 19/09/2011
Newlyweds, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince were spotted leaving a friend's house after dinner. The extremely stylish couple looked like they had a good time, but was it too good? Kate kept her face hidden and Jamie had to help her into their car. Maybe a bit too much wine, Kate?
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Tara Reid Continues to Bare Her Belly for the Paps! Was She Wasted?

Thursday 9:19 PM, 08/09/2011
Just no! We're so confused by her!
We spotted the fame-hungry Tara Reid in London the other day! Strangely Tara decided to lift her "I Heart London" sweatshirt and show off her belly to the paps! What the....?

Tara's face had seen better days, it looked tired and drunk, and for some reason she thought showing off her anorexic stomach would be a great idea. Maybe she's preggo and wanted to share the good news, but she should know that beer isn't good for a baby! Tara, get yourself together!
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Tallulah Willis in Trouble with the Law!

Sunday 7:57 AM, 01/05/2011
Tallulah with her older sister Rumer Demi Moore with her daughters Tallulah and Rumer
Uh oh! Demi Moore and Bruce Willis' daughter Tallulah may be growing up faster than her parents can handle! The 17-year-old and three of her friend...READ MORE ▶
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The Box is the Place to Be!

Sunday 7:30 PM, 24/04/2011
Bradley Cooper Matthew Williamson Alice Dellal Nancy Del'Olio Sting and Trudie Styler Mark Ronson Georgia May Jagger Pixie Lott Emma Watson Princess Beatrice and boyfriend Dave Clark
Wanna party with the celebrities in London? Wanna know where to spot stars like Bradley Cooper, Georgia Jagger and Emma Watson? Then we now just th...READ MORE ▶
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Lohan Goes to Jail...Again!

Saturday 10:46 AM, 23/04/2011
Looks like La Lohan won't be doing that movie after all! The actress was sentenced to 120 days in jail yesterday for violating her probation which ...READ MORE ▶
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Vanessa Hudgens - The Most Trashed at Coachella?!

Monday 5:24 PM, 18/04/2011
Party time! Oooh its looking a bit rough now....
Gossip fresh in from this weekend's Coachella festival in Hollywood. One young starlet was having the party of her life! Vanessa Hudgens has dropped the good girl attitude now and the wildness has started! When she wasn't downing shots at the bar she was jumping around with friends and the later it got the rougher she looked, but so what, we are happy she was having such a good time! (The Superficial)
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