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Liam Payne - Drunk Tweeting!

Friday 3:09 PM, 23/01/2015
If there's something you should avoid after drinking alcohol, it's posting updates on social media. It's perhaps even more important if you'...READ MORE ▶
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They've Had A Little Bit Too Much! Celebs Out Partying!

Friday 9:18 PM, 26/07/2013
Prince Harry is not the first one to go home from a party. Gwen Stefani probably just want to go home and sleep. Harry Styles has had some hard nights in London. Cara Delevingne, pretty much out of control. Kirsten Dunst.
It can happen to anyone, but when it comes to celebrities it happens pretty often. They get too drunk and aren't exactly in control when lea...READ MORE ▶
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Spotted: Noomi Rapace Partying A Little Too Hard!

Sunday 2:15 PM, 11/12/2011
We spotted Swedish actress Noomi Rapace party a little too hard this weekend at the 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows' London premiere's after-party. What started out as a very classy evening, ended up a little bit of a disaster when Noomi was escorted out of the Punchbowl pub in the middle of the night, with her hair in a complete mess, a drunken look on her face and blood dripping down from her ankles!

But don't worry Noomi, this is your first big international premiere after all, we're sure you'll get a grip on how to after-party in the right way in due time!
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Is Johnny Depp Turning into a Drunk? Watch This Video!

Tuesday 3:40 PM, 11/10/2011
It looks like Johnny Depp had one too many drinks. We spotted him falling on the street and it seems like he was stumbling a bit. Of course he was surrounded by crazy paparazzi, but still, Johnny usually has a lot more composure than this! This could be really bad...
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Looks Like Kirsten Dunst Partied Too Hard Last Night!

Thursday 6:19 PM, 29/09/2011
Uh oh! Kirsten Dunst looks a bit worse for the wear. Did she party a bit too hard? Looks like it!

PS. We love her dress!
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Kate Moss and Jamie Hince...Drunk at Dinner?!

Monday 5:14 PM, 19/09/2011
Newlyweds, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince were spotted leaving a friend's house after dinner. The extremely stylish couple looked like they had a good time, but was it too good? Kate kept her face hidden and Jamie had to help her into their car. Maybe a bit too much wine, Kate?
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