Drew Barrymore

22 February 1975, California, USA
39 years

Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green, Jamie Walters, Fabrizio Moretti, Balthazar Getty, David Arquette, Leonardo DiCaprio, Val Kilmer, Chris O`Donnell, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson, Edward Norton, Brandon Davis, Justin Long, Heather Graham
Drew Barrymore started acting as a child and became famous for her role in the movie E.T. Drew battled drug and alcohol problems at a very young age but managed to recover and is now one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Her godfather is Steven Spielberg, she has dated Tom Green and Fabrizio Moretti and her best friends include Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

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Amanda Seyfried Is Dating Drew Barrymore's Ex Justin Long!

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Thursday 8:33 PM, 25/04/2013
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Drew Barrymore And Adam Sandler Set For New Romantic Comedy!

Wednesday 9:14 PM, 13/03/2013
50 First Dates (2004) The Wedding Singer (1998)
Now it is confirmed that Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are once again teaming up for a new romantic comedy, The Hollywood Reporter confir...READ MORE ▶
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Fashion Failures! Last Week's 6 Worst Dressed Super Stars!

Monday 6:23 PM, 18/02/2013
Miley Cyrus in a dress we don't quite understand. If you'd match this look with a pair of sneakers instead of Louboutin, we'd get it, Rita Ora. Chloe Sevigny, what on Earth is that?! Drew Barrymore. Karolina Kurkova is voted one of the best dressed this week - but also the worst. What's up with the suit?!
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Brad Pitt hasn't always been the one we keep dreaming about... Drew Barrymore grew out of her baby fat and is now drop dead gorgeous! Tom Cruise is the man of our dreams today... We can barely recognize Kate Hudson! Hey Justin Timberlake, you're crazy hot now!
We've all been young, and you know what they say - we're just like old wines, we just get better with age! We've seen a few celebrities, such as Kate Hudson and Avril Lavigne that were those ugly ducklings back in school, but that later turned out to be absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Click on the pics to see their transformation!
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