Drew Barrymore

22 February 1975, California, USA
40 years

Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green, Jamie Walters, Fabrizio Moretti, Balthazar Getty, David Arquette, Leonardo DiCaprio, Val Kilmer, Chris O`Donnell, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson, Edward Norton, Brandon Davis, Justin Long, Heather Graham
Drew Barrymore started acting as a child and became famous for her role in the movie E.T. Drew battled drug and alcohol problems at a very young age but managed to recover and is now one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Her godfather is Steven Spielberg, she has dated Tom Green and Fabrizio Moretti and her best friends include Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

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It'll Be A Girl For Drew Barrymore!

Thursday 8:13 AM, 12/12/2013
Drew Barrymore, 38, is expecting her second daughter. The actress revealed she was pregnant with a baby girl yesterday when receiving a beau...READ MORE ▶
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Drew Barrymore Is Pregnant With Her Second Child!

Tuesday 8:08 AM, 05/11/2013
Drew Barrymore, 38, is going to be a mother-of-two since she's currently expecting her second child. The actress's rep confirmed to E! News ...READ MORE ▶
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6 Child Stars Who Grew Up Way Too Fast!

Monday 8:45 PM, 07/10/2013
Not many people know Fergie began her career as a child star in the girl group Wild Orchid from 1992-2001. At that time, Fergie developed a crystal meth addiction. Fergie says it was a lot because of her growing up too fast.
Drew Barrymore's life as a child star was not easy. She started smoking cigarettes at the age of 9, smoking marijuana at the age of 12 and snorting cocaine at 13. She was put in rehab when she was 14 and once again when she tried to commit suicide. Luckily, Drew's life turned out great anyway. Lindsay Lohan began her career as a child star. Her stardom took a toll on her and in 2006 she started to attend AA meetings. She has also been arrested several times and has spent months in rehab.
Miley Cyrus has been in the limelight from a young age. Since she was a teen, she's been known as Hannah Montana. Today, she's changed her style completely and is open about her marijuana use.
Dakota Fanning has had a clean history, but as a child star, she's been forced to mature very fast anyway. At the age of 13 she played a rape victim in a movie, and two years later, she did scenes including drug use, risque clothing and lesbian sex scenes.
Being a child star is not always the easiest thing, and as we've seen several times, they tend to grow up way too fast, ending up in different kinds of destructive addictions and behaviors. We've read all about six stars that acted like troubled adults when they were still young kids. Click on the pics and read all about celebs that grew up too fast!
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Amanda Seyfried Is Dating Drew Barrymore's Ex Justin Long!

Thursday 9:11 PM, 15/08/2013
Amanda Seyfried and actor Justin Long have started dating each other. The couple have spent more time together lately, but are hesitant to g...READ MORE ▶
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List! Here Are The Most Beautiful Celebrity Women In The World!

Thursday 8:33 PM, 25/04/2013
2. Kerry Washington. 3. Amanda Seyfried. 4. Zooey Deschanel. 5. Jane Fonda. 6. Jennifer Lawrence. 7. Kelly Rowland. 8. Halle Berry. 9. Drew Barrymore. 10. Pink.
Every year, People Magazine make a list of the most beautiful celebrity women in the world, and this year Gwyneth Paltrow became voted number one. We've seen the whole list, and you can check it out yourself by clicking on the pics!
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