Drake Sued Over 'Marvin's Room' by Ex-Girlfriend!

Drake Sued Over 'Marvin's Room' by Ex-Girlfriend
What is the thing with all these rappers that always get into lawsuit troubles? Drake has get in there now and he is not happy about the lawsuit being filed against him by his puported ex-girlfriend Ericka Lee. She is saying that she was The Voice on the other end of the phone call which is a part of the song "Marvins Room", that was released last year, and is now suing Drake for excluding her from sharing co-writer royalties. Drake denies all the allegations!

His rep says: "This claim is entirely without merit and our client has not engaged in any wrongful conduct. Drake tried for months to resolve the matter amicably, and he now looks forward to being vindicated in court."

Well, we are wondering: Is this Ericka REALLY Drake's ex? Or just a groupie trying to get her fifteen minutes? We guess we just have to wait and see! (perezhilton)
Drake Sued Over 'Marvin's Room' by Ex-Girlfriend
Drake Sued Over 'Marvin's Room' by Ex-Girlfriend
Is this Ericka REALLY Drake's ex?
Drake Sued Over 'Marvin's Room' by Ex-Girlfriend
Is this Ericka REALLY Drake's ex?
Rapper Drake is seen going to dinner in Yorkville
Is this Ericka REALLY Drake's ex?
Source: WENN.com
Is this Ericka REALLY Drake's ex?
Published Feb 5 2012 2:02 AM
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