Donatella Versace

2 May 1955, Italy
59 years

Donatella Versace is the sister of Versaces founder Gianni Versace wh owas murdered in 1997. Donatella successfully took over the fashion house and has dressed pretty much everyone in Hollywood at one point or another!

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Oopsy Daisy! Stars Falling Over!

Wednesday 11:13 PM, 01/08/2012
Amanda Seyfried is really twisting her ankle! Poor girl! Carmen Electra trips over on the runway! Donatella Versace falls on her way up the stairs! In the rain! How sad... We hope she didn't ruin her dress. Mischa Barton could not bare walking in her gorgeous heels anymore so she had to change into UGGs! Agyness Deyn fell on the runway, but she just laughed and got on with the show!
Ouch that hurt! We totally understand that it is hard to talk in glamorous sky high heels all day long, no wonder the stars fall over from time to time! We feel so bad for Amanda Seyfried, Carmen Electra and Mischa Barton who look like they might have hurt themselves bad in the fall! Click on the pictures to see more stars trip in their shoes!
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This Week's Best Celeb Twitter Pics!

Sunday 12:07 PM, 08/07/2012
Alexa Chung wondered if she's found the new cool it-bag.... Do you think she did? Jessie J hanging out with Tom Jones. Rihannas has posted tons of pics of her grandma that passed away recently. Poor RiRi. Victoria Beckham posing with a dolphin. She looks scared, doesn't she? Russell Brand out partying with friends. The Jonas Brothers watching the fireworks on 4th of July. Geri Halliwell hanging upside down working out. Miley Cyrus. Britney Spears ready for hitting the beach. She's got her famous abs back, and she looks awesome!
They're crazy, their funny and their oh-so cute- celebrities on Twitter really do everything for their followers. We've checked out what celebs like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and The Jonas Brothers have been up to this past week. Click on the pics and see yourself!
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Thursday 8:57 AM, 17/11/2011
One of her models. We know that Nicki Minaj isn't a size 0, but Donatella loves her!
Donatella Versace recently collaborated with H&M to release a clothing line and it's like the best thing since Christmas. In one of the ad campaign...READ MORE ▶
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Wobbling Heights! Even Celebs Stumble in Stilettos!

Wednesday 2:12 AM, 14/09/2011
Donatella Versace is making a grand entrance! ...Oops! Renee Zellwegger Amanda Seyfried takes a trip on the red carpet! Kim Kardashian
Even the most seasoned celebs sometimes trip and fall. Our fave fashionistas often wear high heels, so you'd think they'd have a lot of practice but we've seen Kim Kardashian and Amanda Seyfried trip, stumble, and fall. Click on the pics and check out these high heeled faux pas!
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Tuesday 12:09 PM, 21/06/2011
We really can't wait till this November! We love Versace and H&M!
Get ready fashion fiends, Versace is designing for H&M and the collection is due out this fall! In the past, Donatella Versace has been a bit wary ...READ MORE ▶
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Celebrity Flaws Up Close!

Sunday 12:16 PM, 21/11/2010
Not only did Tara Reid choose the wrong plastic surgeon to do her breast surgery, he also managed to botch her tummy tuck making it look like she's about fifty years older than she is! How about you visit your plastic surgeon and have him do the other side of  your lip Jessica? Because that just looks ridiculous! We think this picture speaks for itself. Less is more...especially when it comes to plastic surgery! We get it Donatella, you love big lips, but this is just overdoing it! Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker should give her biceps a break. We can see every single vein SJP and it's not very attractive! So this is what Madonna looks like when she isn't wearing any make-up! Somebody get her a make-up artist, asap! Una Healy from The Saturdays put her back into it on stage but she could probably have done with better lighting! She's still hot though!
Even celebrities have flaws! Whether it's Tara Reid's botched tummy tuck, Beyonce's wardrobe malfunction or Jessica Simpson's unevenly filled lips these are the pictures they wish we had never gotten a hold of!
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