Demi Moore Is Ready To Start Over After Rehab!

Demi Moore is ready for a fresh start in life. Last week we reported that she checked out of rehab and went on a vacation at a secret location with some friends. Now a source have reveald that Demi is ready to start all over after her visit to rehab. "Demi is in a much better place. She has been working on herself a lot," says the source. We really hope Demi is back and that she's feeling good now! (People)
Demi Moore blue pattern dress black sunglasses black pumps
Demi Moore wants to start all over!
Demi Moore black coat sunglasses black boots black scarf
Demi Moore wants to start all over!
Demi Moore black trenchcoat sunglasses
Demi Moore wants to start all over!
Demi Moore red dress
Demi Moore wants to start all over!
Demi Moore blue dress long black hair
Demi was healthier before!
Demi Moore black coat white tank top red leather pants
Demi was healthier before!
Published Mar 9 2012 4:02 PM
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