Demi Moore

Mar 26 2012 11:02 PM

10 Celebrities Who Have Checked In And Out Of Rehab!

Fame is tough and not everyone can handle it...

Mar 20 2012 9:25 AM

Ashton Kutcher Is Going To Space!

Ashton Kutcher is leaving Earth...

Mar 14 2012 11:02 PM

Single Ladies: The 10 Hottest Single Ladies!

There are alot of hot women in Hollywood but they are usually taken...

Mar 9 2012 4:02 PM

Demi Moore Is Ready To Start Over After Rehab!

Demi Moore is ready for a fresh start in life...

Mar 7 2012 9:04 AM

Ashton Visited Demi In Rehab

Despite the fact that we think Ashton Kutcher is a slimeball jerk, we have to give him some points for visiting his ex, Demi Moore, while she was in rehab...

Mar 2 2012 4:04 PM

Demi Moore Has Checked Out Of Rehab!

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Demi Moore checked into rehab to recover from her addiction problems and eating disorders...

Feb 28 2012 7:09 PM

Celebrity Heroes: They Saved Lives!

Who said that all Hollywood stars are spoiled brats...

Feb 27 2012 4:04 PM

The Ones Who Didn't Live Happily Ever After!

Stars seem to fall in love on set all the time, unfortunately it doesn't mean the love will last once the filming is over...

Feb 22 2012 7:08 PM

Botox: Celebs Admitting They've Done It!

Botox is very common among celebs, and even though almost every celeb uses it most keep it a secret...

Feb 15 2012 5:34 PM

Rumer Willis Was Robbed!

Just another horrible thing to add the drama of the Willis family: Rumer Willis' home was recently burglarized...