Demi Lovato

20 August 1992, Dallas, Texas, USA
22 years

Demi Lovato is an American actor and singer. As an actor she's been seen in Barney & Friends together with Selena Gomez. She also has a role in Disneys Camp Rock as Mitchie Torres. In Camp Rock we also see the popular Jonas Brothers. Demis first solo record as a singer, Don't Forget, sold over 89.000 copies in the first week. Demi is home schooled by a tutor due to her career.
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Demi Lovato Opens Up About Her Father's Death!

Sunday 6:30 PM, 30/06/2013
Demi Lovato's biological father passed away last week and the singer now says that she is getting through the recent death of Patrick Lovat...READ MORE ▶
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Demi Lovato Still Has Nightmares About Her Childhood!

Saturday 1:30 PM, 29/06/2013
Demi Lovato has been through a lot, despite her young age. The 20-year-old singer is on the top of her career, but her life hasn't always be...READ MORE ▶
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Demi Lovato Thanks Fans For Support After Her Father's Death!

Tuesday 3:44 PM, 25/06/2013
Demi Lovato's father passed away this weekend after a reported battle with cancer. Now Demi herself is thanking her fans for the flood of co...READ MORE ▶
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Demi Lovato's Father Has Passed Away!

Sunday 2:47 PM, 23/06/2013
Demi Lovato's biological father, Patrick Lovato, has passed away. Demi cancelled her X Factor USA publicity event on Saturday following her ...READ MORE ▶
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Bad Luck! Celebrities Hobbling Around On Crutches!

Thursday 8:45 PM, 20/06/2013
Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo underwent leg surgery and was forced to walk on crutches. Jessie J went for some bling bling. David Beckham is hot, with or without crutches. Serena Williams.
Hollywood super stars are exactly like us - if you get injured, you'll have to use crutches. And yea, just like for the rest of us, it's not that fun at all. We've taken a closer look at some celebrities that have jumped around on one leg, hobbling around on crutches. Click on the pics and check them all out!
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What Were You Thinking? This Week's Worst Dressed Celebs!

Wednesday 11:01 PM, 05/06/2013
2. It's finally summer, Demi Lovato! Show off your legs instead of hiding them! 3. Those boots, Rita Ora... 4. Caggie Dunlop's shirt is so long it looks like she's not wearing any pants. Fail! 5. There's just something about this dress that is completely wrong, Juliette Lewis. 6. Are we supposed to take this look seriously, Laura Dern?
Not even the biggest superstars, with loads of cash on their bank accounts, manage to dress to impress every single day. Some day they're just complete fashion failures, which can happen to anyone. We've made a list of the worst dressed celebrities this week so click on the pics to check them all out!
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