David Letterman

12 April 1947, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
67 years

The Big Man, Dave
David Letterman is an American comedian, known for hosting "the Late show with David Letterman" on CBS since 1993. David Letterman owns a production company called Worldwide pants. He says he never uses the same tie twice in his show.
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Justin Bieber Saved Mom's Life!

Tuesday 1:03 PM, 05/04/2011
Mommy's boy!
Whoops! So much for trying to make a special big deal out of Mom's birthday! Justin Bieber called his mom up on stage for her birthday this weekend and presented her with a huge cake live in front of his screaming aundience. Poor Pattie, when she leaned down to blow out her candles, her hair caught on fire and poor Justin has to save her instead of sing happy birthday as planned! She was rushed off stage looking really red! Happy Birthday Studio Mom!
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Vanessa Hudgens - Annoying on TV?!

Thursday 10:54 PM, 03/03/2011
Cute - but irritating last night!
Vanessa Hudgens was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about her latest movie "Beastly" and she was cute as usual in a pink dress and black fishnets. She also showed off her new butterfly tattoo, the one she got on her neck recently. One thing was a bit off though, we are not sure if she was nervous or what, but Vanessa had the most annoying laugh! Check out this video and see what we mean!
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Posh Picks From Around the Web!

Friday 6:33 PM, 11/02/2011
This has got to be our favorite for the day: that white dress Lindsay Lohan wore to court the other day has sold out online! Read more about it

Here is what else we found interesting today, we hope you will like these little gossip tidbits too!

Rihanna has a forgiving heart! She wants to drop the restraining order for Chris Brown! (Hollywire)

Pete Wentz is crying over Ashlee dumping him, poor guy! (Radar)

Snooki talks to David Letterman about her alcohol problems! (
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Who is the Woman in Justin Bieber's Life?!

Wednesday 7:42 PM, 02/02/2011
Always making time for fans! Seriously? Wow! Justin Bieber with his father Jeremy Bieber, mother Pattie Lynn Mallete  and little sister Jazmyn Bieber
Justin Bieber has been all over the last few days, doing interviews and looking adorable as ever. He has had some very interesting things to say as...READ MORE ▶
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The Kardashians Give Good Face!

Wednesday 8:42 PM, 19/01/2011
You can't teach these girls anything about posing that is for sure! Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney Kardashian were guests at the Sullivan theatre last night for the Late Show with David Letterman and they spent ages outside posing for photos. These girls really know how to make the cameras happy, especially Kim who gives good face at all different angles!

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Amanda Peet Loves Letterman!

Sunday 12:32 AM, 26/12/2010
David Letterman has his funny moments but Amanda Peet seems to think he's a complete riot! The actress couldn't stop laughing yesterday when she appeared on 'Late Show with David Letterman' to talk about her new movie 'Gulliver's Travels' and her new baby daughter Molly June! Check out the trailer for the movie below!
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