Posh Spice Pregnant?! "She Just Smiled In Response"!

Victoria Beckham Harper Seven black skirt cardigan sunglasses
Fifth time is a charm... right?! Rumor has it that Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, once again is expecting a little one! She's allegedly been "talking about having some strange food fads and she didn't drink at all, not even to celebrate after performing at the Olympics this summer." a scource reveals. When asked by friends if she was pregnant, the source claims, "Victoria just smiled in response."

Victoria and David Beckham have four children together already: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven. Not even hubby Becks is denying that there could be another one on its way. "We've always said we'd love a big family and five was a number," David reportedly said. "If we're lucky enough, then we hope to have one more." However, a spokesperson tells "To my knowledge Victoria is not pregnant." Only time will tell! (celebitchy)
Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Harper Beckham, black dress grey t-shirt cap
Victoria Beckham black pencil skirt shirt sunglasses
Victoria Beckham Romeo Beckham black pencil skirt white shirt
She doesn't look preggers to us.......
Victoria Beckham  Harper Beckham  black pencil skirt white shirt
She doesn't look preggers to us.......
Victoria Beckham  Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz Harper Seven black skirt cardigan sunglasses
Source: WENN.com
She doesn't look preggers to us.......
Published Oct 11 2012 5:17 PM
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