David Beckham is Shy?!

Saturday 1:56 AM, 13/06/2009

David at the launch of his new campaign yesterday

David at the launch of his new campaign yesterday
David being shy

David being shy

Football star David Beckham unveiled his super sexy new ad campaign for Armani underwear yesterday in London. David announced that he was feeling a bit shy and embarrassed in front of such a huge crowd seeing the massive billboard of him in nothing but his shorts! We don't understand what he has to feel shy about, just look at that body of his! This is David's second ad campaign for Armani and it is rumoured that he will earn more than $29 million dollars over the next 3 years being the face of the campaign!

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katy(non member) 1
09/07/2009 5:26 PM
yes he's shy and that's cute

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first pic was hott!

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