David Beckham

Apr 18 2013 10:38 AM

David Beckham's Big Romantic Plans For Victoria Beckham's Birthday!

David Beckham really isn't a saver when it comes to spoiling his wife, Victoria Beckham...

Mar 24 2013 1:49 AM

David Beckham promotes bodywear line for H&M

So many scandals David Beckham has been involved in and he is till going strong...

Mar 21 2013 11:07 PM

Paparazzis Vs. Celebrities - Stars Attacking Photographers!

We have no idea what it's like to have Paparazzi stalking you all day, every day, but we guess it could be pretty annoying those days when you'd rather just shut the whole world out...

Feb 22 2013 10:01 PM

Celebrities Suffering In Silence: Their Secret Diseases!

Like the rest of us, even the A-listed stars are only human beings...

Jan 22 2013 7:33 PM

Top 10: Celebs Spotted Hugging For National Hug Day!

We guess you guys know yesterday was the National Hug Day...

Dec 12 2012 3:02 PM

Victoria Beckham Dissed Her Spice Girls Mates: Diva Or Not?

The big Spice Girls reunion at Viva Forever musical opening didn't really turn out the way people hoped...

Nov 30 2012 8:05 AM

David Beckham Says One Direction Can "Go Straight To Hell"!

David Beckham had organized a soccer game with L...

Oct 11 2012 5:17 PM

Posh Spice Pregnant?! "She Just Smiled In Response"!

Fifth time is a charm...

Aug 27 2012 7:18 PM

Travel In Style Like A Celebrity!

They're rich, beautiful, famous- and they always travel first class...

Jul 24 2012 11:12 PM

Hottie Tuesday! We Love Guys With Eyes We're Drowning In!

What day is it today...