David Beckham

2 May 1975, Leytonstone, England
39 years

Jordan, Esther Canadas, Rebecca Loos, Victoria Beckham
David Beckham started his socker career in Manchester United, but has since then played for Real Madrid, Milan and LA Galaxy. David Beckham has three kids with Victoria Beckham: Brooklyn (March 4 1999), Romeo (September 1 2002) and Cruz (February 20 2005). The Beckhams are at least as famous for their talents on the pitch and on stage as to their sense of fashion and style. They are now seen as one of the world's most successful and famous couple.

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The Beckhams Sexy-Up For Armani!

Saturday 2:41 AM, 04/07/2009
Up close and personal
Star power couple no.1!
The latest ad campaign for footballer David Beckham and his ex-Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham are out! The world's most famous couple have both signed multi-million deals to be the faces of Emporio Armani underwear for the next 3 years! These are the pictures for the Autumn/Winter 09/10 campaign. What do you think of them? Are they sizzling hot or just totally not?


The ad campaign is:

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Who did the hottest perfume ad?

Wednesday 5:52 PM, 01/07/2009
Avril Lavigne - Black Star Beyonce - Emporio Armani Diamonds Britney Spears - Hidden Fantasy Charlize Theron - Dior Jadore Jessica Simpson - Fancy Kylie Minogue - Sexy Darling Paris Hilton - Siren Victoria Beckham & David Beckham - Intimately Christina Aguilera - "Christina Aguilera"
Lately one of the biggest celebrity trends is to bring out their own fragrances and being celebs they just love to create a hot ad campaign featuring themselves, think Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera! Some fragrance houses Dior, for instance, have also chosen Hollywood stars like Charlize to be the face of their perfume campaigns instead of the usual models. tell us which of these ad you think are the hottest!


Who do You think did the hottest perfume ad?

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Celebs and their favourite hobbies!

Tuesday 5:06 PM, 16/06/2009
Angelina Jolie likes tattoos, people watching & Dagger collecting, she can also fly aeroplanes! Beyonce Knowles likes shopping, swimming, reading & dancing Brad Pitt likes architecture, interior design & to collect metal art  Bruce Willis likes boxing & basketball Gwyneth Paltrow like learning a foreign language & yoga David Beckham likes tattoos, fencing & shopping Jennifer Aniston likes hiking, camping, getting closer to nature & surfing the internet Jennifer Lopez likes yoga, decorating, tennis & shopping Justin Timberlake likes golf, basketball & video gaming Kanye West likes acting, art, fashion & video games Katherine Heigl likes kickboxing, yoga & drawing Keira Knightley like watching movies & spending time with family & friends Leonardo DiCaprio likes playing pool, basketball & video games Sarah Jessica Parker likes knitting P. Diddy (Sean Combs) likes to design fashion, entrepreneur & dance Tom Cruise likes flying, fencing & cooking Tyra Banks like painting, rollerblading & skiing Will Smith likes fencing & rapping Zac Efron likes golf, skiing, rockclimbing, snowboarding, playing piano & guitar
Celebrities are lucky enough to have all the money in the world, so they can pursue whatever hobbies they feel like in their spare time! Some celebs like Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are sports mad and others like Brad Pitt and Kanye West are art collectors. Ever wondered what your favourite Hollywood stars do in their spare time away from the everyday showbiz stuff? Take a look at our list! (Source: Not so boring life)
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Paris : "We could be new Posh and Becks"

Monday 11:36 AM, 15/06/2009
Paris Hilton is obviously very excited about her hot hook-up with football star Cristiano Ronaldo last week, but does Cristiano feel the same way? Paris was overheard telling Cristiano at an after-party, that she thinks they could be great as a couple, the younger sexier version of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, but we don't think Cristiano is too interested! This weekend he was spotted partying in Las Vegas with not one, but two young Portuguese ladies! We don't think Cristiano is the settling down type Paris, maybe its best to put those football wife fantasies away now! (Source: NOTW)
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Whose Lovely Shoes?

Saturday 4:20 PM, 13/06/2009
Wow those heels!
Ever so stylish as always!
The shoe queen herself of course! Victoria Beckham wore these amazingly high heels to watch her husband David Beckham play for England at Wembley Stadium last night. This was David's 112th time playing for England, but unfortunately Victoria was fashionably late as usual and missed the first half hour of the game! Nevermind, she made quite an entrance in this outfit and exclusive Hermes Birkin bag when she did finally arrive! We love everything this woman puts on her feet!
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Hot like no other

David Beckham is Shy?!

Saturday 1:56 AM, 13/06/2009
David at the launch of his new campaign yesterday David being shy
Football star David Beckham unveiled his super sexy new ad campaign for Armani underwear yesterday in London. David announced that he was feeling a bit shy and embarrassed in front of such a huge crowd seeing the massive billboard of him in nothing but his shorts! We don't understand what he has to feel shy about, just look at that body of his! This is David's second ad campaign for Armani and it is rumoured that he will earn more than $29 million dollars over the next 3 years being the face of the campaign!

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