David Banda

24 September 2005, Malawi, Africa
9 years

David Banda was born in Malawi in 2005. In 2006 Pop Icon Madonna travelled to Malawi doing charity work for her foundation. She met little David in an orphanage and filed for adoption papers. The adoption had a lot of bad press and controversy as David's father was still alive. David Banda was renamed David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie in 2006 and is now a part of Madonna's family. This was the first foreign adoption in Malawi.
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Madonna And The Kids Visit Kabbalah!

Sunday 9:59 PM, 11/12/2011
Little Mercy James and David Banda. Big sister Lourdes Leon tagged along too!
While your average American family might spend their weekend going to church, pop sensation Madonna, like usual, crushes all norms. This weekend we spotted her taking all her children to the Kabbalah centre in New York, and it got us thinking how the only time we ever see them all out together as a family is when they visit Kabbalah centres... Isn't that a little sad? Let's hope they have a lot of family fun indoors to make up for it!
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Guy Ritchie's Going to be a Daddy Again!

Monday 2:52 PM, 07/03/2011
Guy with David Banda Daddy to Rocco and we are not sure if he and Lourdes get along.... Back in the day... New love!
Congratulations to Director Guy Ritchie and his model girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley! The couple have just confirmed that Jacqui is pregnant with their first child, after just over a year of dating! Of course this is not Guy's first baby. He is already Dad to Rocco from his marriage to Madonna and they also adopted cutie pie David Banda together...the family is growing! We wish Jacqui the best and we hear Guy is already driving her mad, not letting her do anything but rest, to make sure the baby is healthy! Sweet! (DailyMail)
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Lourdes Leon attends Kabbalah services with her friends!

Sunday 3:12 PM, 09/01/2011
Her younger brothers Rocco Ritchie & David Banda came too!
Obviously Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon isn't your typical teenage girl, but we still would of thought that she did some normal teen things with her friends! We spotted her attending services at a Manhattan based Kabbalah centre with her friends yesterday... We wonder what her friends parents think of Lourdes tuning them into Kabbalah?
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Madonna's New Movie - Hit or Miss?!

Wednesday 1:13 PM, 24/03/2010
Rocco Ritchie, Lourdes Leon, Madonna and David Banda Ewan McGregor
Oops, we hope this doesn't turn into another box office bomb for Madonna! We just heard that she is moving back to her home in London for the next 6 months to direct a film! The movie is about the 1930's British royal scandal where King Edward VIII gave up the throne for his forbidden love Wallis Simpson! People are already saying nasty things about Madonna's past movies, but she has award-winning Brit actor Ewan Mcgregor to play the King, so maybe it will be different this time?

At least Madonna's ex director Guy Ritchie is happy for her, because this means his kids Rocco Ritchie and David Banda will be near him, so he hasn't said anthing nasty about Madonna's latest movie idea. How do you think it will turn out, knowing Madonna?


Madonna's movie:

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Celebrities with Big Hearts!

Tuesday 5:00 PM, 23/02/2010
Nicolas Cage regularly donates millions of dollars from his movie earnings to his favourite charities, like Amnesty International and he was also one of many Hollywood celebs who donated to help New Orleans recover from hurricane Katrina. He gives as much as 2 million dollars every year! Ben Affleck is such a generous guy! He has used some of his millions for encouraging young people to vote, helping poor children in the USA and his Project Greenlight, that gives young film makers a chance to make their film ideas a reality.
Singer Bono has been involved in charity work since 1986. He works all over the world, especially in Africa to help make the world a better place for the poor and suffering. Madonna's big charity project is the African country of Malawi. She has rescued and adopted two children from orphanages there, her son David Banda and daughter Mercy James. Her charity "Raising Malawi" helps to grow food in the country and she is also building a school there.

TV talk show queen Oprah Winfrey is probably the celebrity who has donated the most money to charity in her career.  She has raised  over $200 million through her "Oprah Winfrey Foundation" and "Angel Network".

George Clooney is definitely a celebrity with a big heart! His pet projects include "Not On Our Watch"  with Don Cheadle and Brad Pitt, which tries to create awareness for the people in the Darfur region of Sudan and he also arranged a huge celebrity-packed telethon to raise funds for the people of Haiti last month.

Mel Gibson is a very religious Catholic who has used his millions to raise money for millions of Catholic children all around the world and especially Mexico, suffering from disease and poverty. Even action hero Jacki Chan is generous! Through "Operation Smile" he has given many Chinese kids warm winter jackets, 450 in total! Thanks to UNICEF for that one! Heeheee Sandra Bullock is another celebrity who has helped rebuild New Orleans after hurrican Katrina. She built the  "New Orleans  Warren Easton High School Hall of Fame". 
Elton John's "Elton John Foundation" has raised more than 125 miljoner dollars to help with the fight against HIV/Aids around the world. What an amazing man!
For some of the biggest celebrities in the world, living the high life with luxury clothing, cars and houses isn't enough. They feel there is more they can do with their fame and they decide to give back those who don't have as much as they do. Of course Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, with their adopted children from poor countries and all the charity work they do alongside friends like George Clooney and Bono from U2 are only a few of these celebs. See which other celebs have huge hearts and how they give back below. Don't forget to vote for your favourite!
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Madonna's School For Girls!

Wednesday 7:13 AM, 28/10/2009
Madonna's School For Girls!
Madonna looks so excited! David Banda Mercy James
Wow, is Madonna the new Oprah? Following in the talk show host's footsteps, Madonna has opened a school for girls in Africa. The school is in the Chinkhota village, in Malawi, the country where both Madonna's adopted children David Banda and Mercy James were born. Madonna has been very involved in feeding schemes and other charity work in the country for many years, but this is the project she is most of proud of so far, she said in her speech at the school's official opening yesterday! See, Madonna does have a softer side!
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