Brandy & Flo Rida - Is It Love?!

Monday 8:40 AM, 12/04/2010
Brandy & Flo Rida - Is It Love?!

Is it love?



After lots of rumours and pictures of them looking cosy together, singer Brandy has finally confirmed that she and Flor Rida are seeing each other! Brandy says she loves spending time with the sexy performer, but she is still not really calling him her boyfriend. Brandy is worried about her daughter Sy'rai, who hasn't seen her mom with a boyfriend in about 5 years!

Brandy promised herself she would be careful who she gives her heart to and she is still figuring out if her and Flo Rida are ready to make a commitment... in the mean time they are loving each other's company, anybody can see that! What do you think of them as a couple? (Source: People)


What do you think of them as a couple?

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Teshaik(non member) 1
28/04/2010 2:36 PM
I think he looks nice and protective 4 a young and
strong lady like brandy,who i dearly love frm my
heart though i haven't seen her.if i was him,i'll
sit and think of making a girl whose very focus
and commited like brandy as my future wifee.

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