Daniel Craig

2 March 1968, Cheshire, England
47 years

Fiona Loudon, Heike Makatsch, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Satsuki Mitchell
Daniel Craig is a Brittish actor who struggled as a waiter before he started making money as an actor. Daniel has a daughter with Fiona Loudon. Made his big-screen debut in the movie Layer Cake opposite Sienna Miller and now plays the part of James Bond (in Casino Royale and the upcoming Quantum of Solace).

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James Bond's Attack on the Kardashians: "They're f***ing idiots"

Wednesday 9:23 AM, 30/11/2011
Daniel calls the whole Kardashian family "f***ing idiots" Kim and Kris Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig
Star of James Bond, Daniel Craig, badmouthed the Kardashians pretty rough in an interview with GQ magazine. There's been a lot of stuff said about ...READ MORE ▶
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Who's The Real James Bond: Daniel Craig vs. Hugh Jackman

Thursday 5:08 PM, 20/10/2011
Daniel has already played 007 twice and he did a great job! But Hugh is terribly sexy.... Daniel? ... or Hugh?
The very sexy, very dashing, very charming Hugh Jackman, might just be the next James Bond! We've fallen in love with James and think he's the ideal gentleman, so naturally Hugh would be perfect for the part!

Hugh was actually offered the part a few years ago, but he turned it down because he was getting ready to shoot X-Men 2. Well, now he's interested in the role! Of course he would have to fight the equally sexy Daniel Craig for the role! Now that would be a fight we would love to see! Who do you think would be the better Bond: Hugh or Daniel?(perezhilton)


Who's the Best Bond?

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Daniel Craig Scared of His New Movie!

Sunday 9:39 PM, 10/07/2011
Lucky Rachel Weisz that gets to hold Daniel's hand during the movie!
The movie “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, starring Bond-actor Daniel Craig is going to be really violent! Daniel has seen some of the scenes from the movie and he was really terrified! Craig said to the Daily Mail that it is director David Fincher who isn’t afraid to show the scary clips. If hard-ass Craig thought it was violent, it must be! We’ll just have to be prepared to hold someone’s hand when we see the movie, won’t we? (Daily Mail)
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Thursday 7:01 PM, 30/06/2011
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The Worst Dinner Ever!

Wednesday 5:08 PM, 29/06/2011
George Bush Mickey Rourke Arnold Schwarzenegger Donald Trump Hulk Hogan
We all have our celeb crushes (Alexander Skarsgard, Gerard Butler, Daniel Craig) but what about celeb anti-crushes? The other night we were talking about how under no circumstances would we ever want to hang out with Dr. Phil! UGH!

But if we were FORCED to have dinner with one of our anti-crushes, we're not sure who we'd choose. No one wanted to go on a candlelit dinner with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Hulk Hogan, but if you had to choose, who would you go to dinner with? Vote and let us know!


If FORCED Who Would You Have A Candlelit Dinner With?

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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz Married in a Secret Ceremony!

Monday 8:41 AM, 27/06/2011
Isn't Rachel gorgeous? <3 Daniel is super sexy!
Rachel Weisz and our favorite Bond, Daniel Craig, recently tied the knot in a top-secret New York ceremony. The couple were married with just four...READ MORE ▶
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