Dakota Fanning: Never Too Young To Be Fit!

Monday 6:25 PM, 14/06/2010
Dakota Fanning: Never Too Young To Be Fit!

She looks like she had a proper sweat!

Vampire pale!

Vampire pale!
Too sweet!

Too sweet!

Pretty girl

Pretty girl
Young Twilight star Dakota Fanning already has a fitness routine. We bet she needs to be strong to do all her scary vampire stunts for the movies, so her secret? Pilates! We spotted Dakota coming out of her pilates studio this morning and she looked beat, it must have been quite a workout!
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Sari7ta(non member) 1
14/06/2010 7:09 PM
here she doesnt look pretty or sweet.actually she
remind me 30 years woman (doh)

Inna (Posh24 member) 2
15/06/2010 5:09 PM
She' s ugly..

ninooo(non member) 3
27/07/2010 5:44 PM
she's ugly without make up

elle(non member) 4
12/10/2010 9:01 AM
Leace her alone! 'Kota is really great at what she
does and doesn't care what she looks like. I bet
you ain't real pretty either after a workout

elle(non member) 5
12/10/2010 9:02 AM
farout you are a bunch of jelous cows!

Salvador(non member) 6
25/10/2010 6:30 PM
Dekota, is divine, she's beautiful

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