Sarah Jessica Parker in 81 different outfits!

Thursday 10:24 PM, 08/05/2008

We assume most of our readers are as excited as we are about the Sex and the City movie so we thought we'd show you some pictures from the upcoming feature film! Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed in interviews that Carrie changes her outfit no less than 81 times in the movie so get ready to be inspired! The other three ladies, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall and Kristin Davis, make about 200 changes altogether so Sarah Jessica wasn't the only one who got to wear all the fantastic outfits that Patricia Field picked out! We might also that the director of the movie, Michael Patrick King, has denied the rumors that Mr. Big will die in the movie, "Kill Mr. Big? I would have been chased around the planet by women with torches." The movie premieres in June!
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