Celebrity Look-alikes!

Wednesday 3:59 PM, 31/03/2010
Celebrity Look-alikes!

Sienna Miller and Mollie King - which one is which!

Sienna Miller and Mollie King - which one is which!
Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank

Katherine Heigl and Kate Bosworth - their names are similar too!

Katherine Heigl and Kate Bosworth - their names are similar too!
Ashley Tisdale and Brittany Murphy

Josh Duhamel and Johnny Knoxville

Its one of our favourite games to play! Which of our favourite celebs look like they could be brother or sister? Some of them really end up looking like twins seperated at birth! Here is our latest list of stars who we think could play each other in a movie about their lives. Take a look and enjoy!


Who looks most alike?

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Celaberty look alkie(non member) 1
03/04/2010 12:39 AM

celebrity look i like(non member) 2
03/04/2010 3:00 PM

ESwany(non member) 3
04/04/2010 7:34 PM
Theres only one couple who look alike. Johnny &
Josh. Others ones really don't look alike.

-____-(non member) 4
05/04/2010 5:09 PM
Ashley Tisdale has a new nose.

Celebrity look-alikes(non member) 5
08/04/2010 8:29 AM
And where is Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel?

celebss(non member) 6
11/04/2010 3:37 PM
gosh josh and johnny dooo look alike

ida (Posh24 member) 7
12/04/2010 4:53 PM
jen and hilary looks SO different!

nora-colen (non member) 8
15/04/2010 7:38 PM
ya Dahhhhhhhhhhh ! they are so Different!

muma(non member) 9
17/04/2010 11:49 PM
don't you think that emily blunt and marion
cotillard look quite similar too??

laa(non member) 10
22/04/2010 5:57 PM
funny :)

candygallagher(non member) 11
23/04/2010 6:44 AM
I can't believe that 2 of those people are
dead.../ rest in peace, heath & brittany../

georgia (Posh24 member) 12
02/05/2010 12:16 PM
pms yeah i agreexlol

georgia (Posh24 member) 13
02/05/2010 12:16 PM

miranda cos grove(non member) 14
17/06/2010 12:21 AM
is she on aim / facebook cuz i saw her name/
picture and she was really talking someone tell me

hhaaa nina (non member) 15
17/06/2010 12:23 AM
i haha te u emmilllly hahha tte hhhhhaaaaaaaaa

nene(non member) 16
24/07/2010 9:06 AM
joseph gordon-levitt looks like john legend!

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