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Demi Lovato "My Eating Disorder is a Life-long Disease"

Wednesday 1:04 PM, 13/04/2011
Good luck Demi!
We are proud of Demi Lovato and how she has turned her life around after her shocking rehab stint! She spoke openly about why she went to rehab in ...READ MORE ▶
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Britney Spears Should Be Afraid of Nicki Minaj

Monday 12:58 PM, 11/04/2011
Britney has only been so-so live a latlely Wild Nicki!
We just heard straight from Nicki Minajthat she is in negotiations to replace Enrique Iglesias as Britney Spears' opening act for her upcoming album tour! We are not sure this will be the best idea for Britney though....Nicki is at the top of her performing game right now with her strange clothes and crazy stage personality. She is hungry to be the next big superstar and Britney is kinda still struggling to look as good as she used to on stage.....we think Nicki has a big chance of completely upstaging Brit on tour!
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What Are Evan Rachel Wood & Alexis Bledel Doing In Washington?

Sunday 3:00 PM, 10/04/2011
We spotted actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Alexis Bledel arriving at Washington Dulles Airport on a flight from LAX yesterday. Even though they're around the same age, these girls don't have a whole lot in common. Whilst Evan Rachel dates the likes of Marilyn Manson, Alexis has always maintained a genuine sweet girl image. However they do have one thing connecting them, and that thing is also most likely the reason behind their trip to Washington. They're both staring in the new movie "The Conspirator" together which premieres on April 15th, so it's probably safe to assume that their visit was PR-related!
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Nicki Minaj Knows How To Attract A Crowd!

Saturday 12:14 PM, 09/04/2011
Working it!
Nicki Minaj recently gave the New Yorkers the show of their life time! She has teamed up with Casio to launch a hip new camera and she spent the entire of Thursday doing some unconventional promoting! In one of her signature crazy outfits she stood on top of a double decker bus driving through busy Time Square while she flaunted the camera (and herself) to everyone walking by. By the end of the day she had attracted quite a crowd of followers! Now that's how you sell a product.
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Justin Bieber Saved Mom's Life!

Tuesday 1:03 PM, 05/04/2011
Mommy's boy!
Whoops! So much for trying to make a special big deal out of Mom's birthday! Justin Bieber called his mom up on stage for her birthday this weekend and presented her with a huge cake live in front of his screaming aundience. Poor Pattie, when she leaned down to blow out her candles, her hair caught on fire and poor Justin has to save her instead of sing happy birthday as planned! She was rushed off stage looking really red! Happy Birthday Studio Mom!
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Katy Perry will Name and Shame You!

Tuesday 3:33 PM, 29/03/2011
Brit fans wear Katy masks - hahahhaa
Katy Perry is in Dublin right now for her "Teenage Dreams" Tour and she is not happy! DJ Harris, who is supposed to open her live act, during her t...READ MORE ▶
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