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Would You Hire Peaches Geldof As Your Stylist?

Saturday 3:04 PM, 16/07/2011
Peaches glams things up in this beautiful blue dress! The golden details on the dress and the pattern leggings makes this look so much more interesting! The leather jacket is a piece everyone needs to have in their closet. It can never go wrong, just look at Peaches! Peaches Geldof  usually dresses like a rock star but she can be feminine too! So pretty, so stylish, so right! Denim is so hot right now. Denim shorts, denim jackets and of course, denim dresses! We love dresses with flower pattern, and so does Peaches! A every day look, we like it Peaches! The suede jacket is really cool and we love the color!
She has her own TV-shows, columns in magazines, she is the daughter of Bob Geldof, and she is a cool DJ. But mostly Peaches Geldof is a fashionista with a big F.

Peaches is a fan of dresses and she likes to match them with different leggings and jackets. It's truly a great look! She has a wild and crazy style with a bit of edge, but she's always changing it up! Whether totally glam on the red carpet or rocking different locks, she's a style chameleon!

We love her sense of style, she really knows how to give rock'n'roll a romantic touch! But what do you guys think, would you hire Peaches as your stylist?


Would You Hire Peaches As Your Stylist?

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Drummer boys and songbirds!

Sunday 11:12 AM, 10/07/2011
Adam Brody plays the drums in the band Big Japan. We think is so hot! Juliette Lewis has her own band with her name in it! Juliette and the Licks always give a good show! We didn't think that Gossip Girl-actor Ed Westwick could get any hotter, until we found out that he is the singer of the band The Filthy Youth! They sound a bit like The Strokes! Swedish actress Malin Åkerman was a singer in the band The Petalstones, but not any more. Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars are really successful! OMG! Another hot drummer! Adrian Grenier plays in the band The Honey Brothers. Leighton Meester is a solo singer and she's done some great party songs! Scarlett Johansson has a beautiful voice!
Did you know that Scarlett Johansson is a singer? Or that Entourage-actor Adrian Grenier is a drummer in the band The Honey Brothers? Well now you know! Some of our favorite actors/actresses are just a little more hipper than their colleagues. We just love a man in a band and we are so jealous of those women that can both act and sing! Here are our favorite rock star celebs! Which one is your favorite?
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Girl Crush! Alexis Bledel!

Friday 2:03 AM, 01/07/2011
LBD, classic. We love the red, white, and blue! Pretty! We love her casual street style! This dress looks perfect on Alexis! Love the blue! Alexis shows off a sexy red lip. Alexis glows! This is such a classic and great look! We love the pop from the red heels and the leopard clutch!
We've had a girl crush on Alexis Bledel ever since her Gilmore Girl days. She is so seriously pretty, we love her! We'd love to go shopping with her, have coffee with her, and be her friend. She just seems so nice! Here some of our favorite Alexis photos...just because!
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Will Kate Moss Ever Stop Partying?

Saturday 3:03 PM, 21/05/2011
Learn to wear a bra Kate! So not classy. No one wants to see that... Least of all your daughter!
It's a question we've been asking ourselves for years! 8, to be exact. As you might know, super model Kate Moss has an 8-year old daughter named Lila Grace, yet the photos of her stumbling bra-less out of night clubs at 2.30 in the morning haven't become any scarcer.

We get it, she can still look fabulous in her party wear and outshine most 20 year olds, but what isn't quite as fabulous, is the fact that her daughter has to go to sleep without her every night...
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Miranda Kerr Is The Lovliest Of Moms!

Saturday 12:09 PM, 21/05/2011
Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer & Elle McPherson are all without doubt ultra fabulous super model moms - but they've got nothing on Miranda Kerr! We spotted Orlando Bloom's very own Victoria's Secret angel out signing autographs at The Grove in Los Angeles the other day, and she looked drop dead gorgeous! It looks like her pregnancy glow just sort of stuck with her even after giving birth.
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Lady Gaga <3s Ponies!

Saturday 9:22 AM, 21/05/2011
This woman never seizes to amaze us! The other day we spotted Lady Gaga exiting her London hotel wearing a very peculiar necklace... made of My Little Ponies! This isn't the first time she has worn toys, but it's definitely one of our favorite looks! It's so much better than her Kermit the Frog dress, wouldn't you agree?
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