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Obama Girl! Eva Longoria Campaining At Las Vegas University!

Wednesday 9:56 PM, 24/10/2012
Eva Longoria speaks to students at University of Las Vegas at an Obama re-election campaign event. Clearly she is Team Obama - are you?!
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Lady In Orange! Lauren Conrad Does It Again!

Monday 9:18 PM, 22/10/2012
You look fab Lauren!
Lauren Conrad has the prettiest orange dress ever on as she greets fans and signs copies of her new book in the orange state of Florida! Wish we were there to meet her too!
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Hey Good Looking! Lauren Conrad All Smiles At Book Signing!

Monday 11:12 AM, 17/09/2012
Prrrrretty lady!
Our girl Lauren Conrad is always in a good mood! No wonder when all she touches turns into gold. By the way, gorgeous yellow lace dress Lauren!
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Joel Madden's Über Purple Side-Cut: Hot Or Not?!

Wednesday 12:16 PM, 15/08/2012
What do you think, are Joel's purple sides hot or not?!
Woah! Check out Joel Madden's new hair do! Dyed black top and really purple side-cuts, what's up with that?! We think it is really cool, but as always it is up to you to decide! Joel Madden's new hair-do, hot or not?!


Is Joel Madden's black and purple do flip or flop?!

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Hot Day In Hollywood! Selena Gomez Sippin Ice Tea!

Saturday 2:31 AM, 28/07/2012
Sunglasses are a must for bright days! What flavor is it, Selena?
Ah what a beautiful sunny day in the land of dreams - Hollywood! Our favourite Disney-starlet Selena Gomez decided to cool herself down with some yummy ice tea. What flavor do you think it is? We reckon she prefers peach!
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The Most Powerful Women In Hollywood!

Saturday 2:07 AM, 07/07/2012
Oprah Winfrey has been on the list for years and years, now she is placed at number 14. Beyonce is a powerful woman at number 18! Angelina Jolie shows strength at the 29th spot. The 55th most powerful woman in the world is Ellen Degeneres. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is at #60.
American publishing and media company Forbes has a prestigious list of who they think are the most powerful women in the world based on influencing on public opinion. In the top 10 we find politicians like Hilary Clinton (#2) and Michelle Obama (#8) as well as industry executives in finance and business. A few of our favorite celebrities also snagged spots on the list. Click on the pictures to find out where stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga rank!
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