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Taylor Swift and Jimmy Fallon Doing the Jumbotron Dance!

Wednesday 11:32 AM, 18/02/2015
Taylor Swift, 25, went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week and as always she was being awesome.

This time they had...READ MORE ▶
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Love is in the air

Lady Gaga is Engaged!

Tuesday 8:32 AM, 17/02/2015
It was this Saturday, on Valentine's Day, that the actor Taylor Kinney, 33, popped the big question to his Girlfriend Lady Gaga, 28, and the...READ MORE ▶
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Hot Pursuit - The First Trailer is Here!

Sunday 8:02 PM, 15/02/2015
The first trailer for the comedy Hot Pursuit is finally here! The movie features both Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara and judging by the trailer it looks promising!
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Behind the Scenes: Kendall Jenners New Sexy Photo Shoot!

Thursday 3:17 PM, 12/02/2015
Kendall Jenner, 19, is now dominating the world of fashion and one of her latest gigs was for Allure magazine.

In an interview with th...READ MORE ▶
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Jon Stewart's Leaving The Daily Show!

Wednesday 10:03 AM, 11/02/2015
After months of speculations, Jon Stewart has now revealed that he is stepping down as the host of the very popular The Daily Show.

Stewart has hosted The Daily Show since 1999 and during his period they have managed to win an impressive 19 Emmy Awards. It’s still not known what Jon Stewart will do next.

Watch Jon Stewart's tearful goodbye here:
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Uma Thurman's New Look! Almost Unrecognizable!

Tuesday 5:09 PM, 10/02/2015
Yesterday Uma Thurman, 44, turned up on the red carpet in New York to promote her new series "The Slap" and it was almost so that we couldn’...READ MORE ▶
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