Connor Cruise

Connor Cruise
Connor Cruise is the eldest son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Connor has four siblings: older sister Isabella , younger half-sister Suri and younger half-sister Sunday Rose, and younger half-sister Faith Margaret. He performs DJ sets at nightclubs.
Jan 17 1995 in Florida, USA

Connor Cruise

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Why Isabella Cruise didn't invite her parents to her wedding

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Single Alert! Tom Cruise Is Using His Son Connor As A Wingman!

Not even a ladies man like Tom Cruise can manage on his own when it comes to women: "He may be the biggest star in the world, but even Tom Cruise needs a wingman", a source tells...

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Tom Cruise Keeps His Family Fit!

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Connor Cruise follows in Tom Cruises footsteps!

Tom Cruise and #nicole_kidmans adopted son Connor Cruise has decided to follow in his parents footsteps and has just been given a part in #will_smiths new movie Seven Pounds...