The Fashion At MTV Movie Awards!

Monday 3:55 PM, 06/06/2011
The Fashion At MTV Movie Awards!

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler
Elizabeth Reaser

Amanda Bynes

Patrick Dempsey

Ashley Benson

Brooklyn Decker

Blake Lively

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz

Nicki Minaj

Emma Stone

Leighton Meester

Reese Whitherspoon

Reese Whitherspoon
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Emma Watson

Nikki Reed

Bryce Dallas Howard

Selena Gomez

Jessica Szohr

Elle Fanning

Taylor Lautner

Katie Cassidy

Lil Mama

Xavier Samuel

Tom Felton

Nina Dobrev

Last night, the annual MTV Movie Awards went down and it did not disappoint! As usual there was a star studded red carpet with lots of fun and gorgeous fashion, courtesy of the film business hottest young stars.

Selena Gomez looked summer chic in Giambattista Valli, Emma Watson stunned in Marchesa and Kristen Stewart rocked a fierce Balmain mini dress. We were pretty much crazy about everyone's choice of outfit, except for perhaps Gossip Girl star Jessica Szohr's, who sported a really unflattering paisley-printed jumpsuit and Amanda Bynes, who wore the ugliest pair of heels of the decade!

Check out the red carpet pics above.
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noor(non member) 1
06/06/2011 5:57 PM
wtf ?! were's miley cyrus ?

lilyV84(non member) 2
06/06/2011 7:13 PM
Ain't she on tour?
anyway's Emma Watson look
amazing x

Birsje(non member) 3
06/06/2011 7:23 PM
Leighten Meester look pregnant

gg(non member) 4
06/06/2011 7:46 PM
Leighton Meester looks amazing! Blake looks fat

ya(non member) 5
06/06/2011 7:55 PM
i love the balmain looks! especially kristen's...
but i think leighton's dress would look better on
a tall person with killer legs

Nesss(non member) 6
06/06/2011 8:24 PM
emma watson looks stunning♥

Dfyuh(non member) 7
06/06/2011 11:30 PM
Love love love Emma Stones outfit. She looks

HeySoulsister(non member) 8
07/06/2011 1:58 AM
I loved Emma Watson, Emma Stone, and Kristen
Stewart's outfits!

kiki(non member) 9
07/06/2011 11:00 AM
I agree with Birsje, leighton really look pregnant
but best dressed for me:)

emmy(non member) 10
08/06/2011 1:34 PM
i like emma stones outfit too!!!DOESNT SHE LOOK
think selena looks nice for a change. STATE OF
MANAJ LOOKS GROSS!Emma is ok but seriously.....i
hate her hair

.(non member) 11
08/06/2011 5:44 PM
Emma Stone, Ashley Benson and Kristen Stewart for

Nena(non member) 12
08/06/2011 6:11 PM
my vote: Nina Dobrev !

jessica(non member) 13
26/06/2011 8:52 PM
lil mama looks way better than nicki minaj

selena looks good
wheres miley
my vote

Autumn(non member) 14
30/06/2011 5:54 PM
i love Emma Waston's outfit! it matches her

muugii(non member) 15
01/07/2011 4:59 PM
Намайг Мөнхжаргал гэдэг. Би 13 настай. Би twilight
үзэх их дуртай. Бас би Selina Comez-ийг дэмждэг.
Би энд сэтгэгдлээ бичсэндээ маш их баяртай байна.
Миний хаяг: muugii89

cupcakegoddes(non member) 16
02/07/2011 2:03 AM
Selena Gomez looks so perfect and pretty Nicki
Minaj looks groos

ayoush97 (Posh24 member) 17
02/07/2011 3:59 AM
nikie minajs outfit suck

Marii (non member) 18
06/07/2011 4:33 PM
Wheres Justin Bieber?
~♥~ Belieber Fever XD

hi(non member) 19
18/07/2011 3:11 PM
Bryce Dallas Howard's dress is like 5 years old..
it's been on stardoll, too

icysweetshonnie(non member) 20
13/08/2011 10:33 PM

ICYSWEETSHONNIE(non member) 21
13/08/2011 10:33 PM

...(non member) 22
26/08/2011 2:08 PM

choco(non member) 23
05/09/2011 12:30 AM
selena's dress is cute :)

ShaniaD. (Posh24 member) 24
06/12/2011 9:38 PM
My favorites were Blake Livley and Katie Cassidy.
My least favorites are Leighton Messter ( she
looks preggo!!) and Nicki Minaj ( way too much

Delinda(non member) 25
28/06/2014 2:31 PM
Katie Cassidy looked the best

danielle (non member) 26
28/06/2014 2:33 PM
Katie Cassidy looked soooo beautiful

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