Colin Farrell

31 May 1976, Dublin, Irland
38 years

Rachel Stevens, Demi Moore, Denise Richards, Ali Larter, Bridget Moynahan, Michelle Rodriguez, Britney Spears, Kate Beckinsale, Robin Wright Penn, Rosario Dawson, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Paris Hilton, Elle Macpherson, Carmen Electra, Amelia Warner, Emma Forrest
Colin Farrell is an Irish actor and son of famed soccer player Eamon Farrell. Has had an alcohol problem and says it's still hard for him to resist having a drink. Used to date Playboy-model Nicole Narain and has a son, James Padraig, with ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave.

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Cute or Sexy? What Type Of Guy Do You Love?

Tuesday 5:12 PM, 26/07/2011
Johnny Depp is a typical BOHEMIAN type of guy! Watch out for those bedrooms eyes! Josh Duhamel is one SEXY guy! We love the CUTE guy! Who can resist Ryan Kwanten's cute smile!? Do you love the DORKY type, like Michael Cera? The ROCK STARS are famous for all their groupies and we know that Pete Doherty has many! Are you one of them? We would love to have a SPORTY guy like David Beckham by our side! Katy Perry loves her SLACKER boyfriend, Russell Brand. Do you and Katy like the same type of guy? We all love Prince William, but is he too PROPER for you? Is the BOYISH type of guy, like Elijah Wood, your favorite? Some like them young and fresh, and some like them older and MATURE. We love George Clooney, do you!? A COMEDIAN like Paul Rudd can always humor us!
We all have different taste in men. Some like the cute, boyish type with blonde hair and beautiful eyes like Ryan Kwanten. Others like the bohemian, hat and scarf-loving guy like Johnny Depp. And some even go for the unshaven bad boys with arms full of tattoos just like Colin Farrell! Amongst our hottest male celebs, we can find a type for everyone! But we're interested, which guy is your type? xoxo


What Type Of Guy Do You Love?

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Wednesday 9:02 PM, 18/05/2011
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Colin Farrell Is One Sexy Vamp!

Monday 6:31 PM, 16/05/2011
We know you guys love vampires as much as we do so we bet you're as excited as we are about the new vampire movie starring Colin Farrel. Colin Farrel+Vampire=Sexy! So basically it's the best movie ever! The movie is called Fright Night and hits theaters in August. We can't wait! Until then, check out the trailer for Fright Night and let us know what you think!

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Rihanna & Colin Farrell Secretly Sexting?!

Wednesday 11:01 AM, 23/02/2011
Bad boy for life! You know she loves it!
So everybody knows how much Rihanna loves a bad boy and Colin Farrell is famous for being one of the biggest player's in this was some...READ MORE ▶
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Picture special

Sunday 2:30 PM, 23/01/2011
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Male Street Style: Colin Farrell!

Wednesday 9:14 AM, 12/01/2011
Colin Farrell is more than just a charming, actor. He has great style as well! He was spotted in West Hollywood, wearing a cool and relaxed outfit. Feels like a mix of Johnny Depp and Jude Law, huh? Anyway, he looks fantastic!
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