Hot Guy Friday: Let Us Introduce... Cody Simpson!

Hey guys! Today it's time for Hot Guy Friday again, and it's time to check out hottie Cody Simpson! All Beliebers and Directioners better watch out because this 15-year-old Australian pop singer from Gold Coast, Queensland is making millions of hearts melt across the globe. We also happen to know that Cody is dating our favorite Jenner-sister, Kylie! So what are you waiting for?! Click on the pics and lay your eyes on this week's eye candy- Cody Simpson!
Cody Simpson black blazer white t-shirt blonde hair
Looking good!
Cody Simpson white shirt blonde hair
Cody's debut single "iYiYi" was released in May 2010 and featured rapper Flo Rida. Have you heard it?
Cody Simpson white shirt blue blazer blonde hair black dressy pants silver watch
When Cody got signed to Atlantic Records, him and his family moved from Queensland, Australia to Los Angeles, USA. Such a far move!
Cody Simpson denim jacket grey hoody white t-shirt blonde hair black jeans red watch
Do you like sports? As well as singing, Cody is a talented swimmer. He has won two gold medals at the Queensland Swimming Championships!
Cody Simpson white shirt watercomb blonde hair
Cody won a prize for "Favourite Aussie Superstar" on the 2012 Kid's Choice Awards. Congrats!
Cody Simpson black suit bowtie white shirt blonde hair
Cody has about 2.5 million followers on Twitter and 3 million likes on Facebook! Impressive!
Cody Simpson blue grey blazer white shirt glasses bracelet blonde hair white napkin
Cody has always been very ambitious. Before he got signed to a record label he would record Video of himself singing and playing, and upload them on Youtube.
Cody Simpson on stage performing black tie white shirt black blazer suit sunglasses
If you'd like a date with Mr. Simpson, ask him out to an Italian restaurant- he loves pizza and pasta!
Cody Simpson denim jacket grey hoody white t-shirt blonde hair black jeans red watch
Do you need help with French classes? Cody could help out because he speaks French!
Cody Simpson black suit bowtie white shirt blonde hair
Cody loves ketchup, and would eat it on anything, even salad.. eh nice!
Published Aug 3 2012 7:07 PM
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