What Happened To The Band Cleopatra? We Want To Know!

Remember the band Cleopatra (comin' atcha!)? They were a band of three sisters with really catchy lyrics and colorful overalls! The topped the music charts in the late 90's with the help of Madonna who signed them to her record label! And the rest was history....Er, not really! Cleopatra disappeared from the spotlight and we want to know what happened! Here's what we do know:

The three sisters, Cleo, Yonah, and Zainam Higgins, struggled to maintain their popularity but it's only been downhill from their first hit. We heard that the music industry wanted Cleo to start a solo career, but she wanted to stick with her sisters. Cleopatra tried to create their own album, "We're Hotter," but apparently they weren't! The album was a total flop! However, they're getting ready to release a new album called "Comin' Atcha Again" and maybe it will be their big break back into fame!? Sometimes sequels are better than the originals, like Sister Act 2!
Pop trio Cleopatra: Sisters Cleo, Zainam and Yonah white clothes white couch
Is a comeback really such a good idea?
R&B Girl band Cleopatra celebrity charity soccer game blue shorts white t shirts blue highlights
Cleopatra in 1998! They were HOT!
cleopatra in london
Cleopatra in 1998! They were HOT!
CLEO, ZAINAM, YONAH of CLEOPATRA comeback white shorts short top sisters england
Cleopatra in 1998! They were HOT!
Girl Band Cleopatra waist belt blue dress orange dress white bandeau dress
Cleopatra in 1998! They were HOT!
Cleopatra at the disney channel kids awards rasta braids green anorac girl band
Source: WENN.com
This is Cleopatra now!
Published Sep 30 2011 5:18 PM
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