17 February 1998, Manchester, England
17 years

Cleopatra is an old girl band, created by the three sisters Cleo, Yonah and Zainam Higgins in Manchester, England. Cleopatra were signed by Madonna's Maverick record label. Cleopatras break through single was Comin' Atcha! Cleopatra are a platinum-selling, BRIT Awards and MOBO Awards nominated
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What Happened To The Band Cleopatra? We Want To Know!

Friday 5:18 PM, 30/09/2011
Cleopatra in 1998! They were HOT! This is Cleopatra now!
Remember the band Cleopatra (comin' atcha!)? They were a band of three sisters with really catchy lyrics and colorful overalls! The topped the music charts in the late 90's with the help of Madonna who signed them to her record label! And the rest was history....Er, not really! Cleopatra disappeared from the spotlight and we want to know what happened! Here's what we do know:

The three sisters, Cleo, Yonah, and Zainam Higgins, struggled to maintain their popularity but it's only been downhill from their first hit. We heard that the music industry wanted Cleo to start a solo career, but she wanted to stick with her sisters. Cleopatra tried to create their own album, "We're Hotter," but apparently they weren't! The album was a total flop! However, they're getting ready to release a new album called "Comin' Atcha Again" and maybe it will be their big break back into fame!? Sometimes sequels are better than the originals, like Sister Act 2!
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Nicki Minaj is a Freaky Girl!

Saturday 12:20 PM, 02/04/2011
Nicki Minaj has some crazy strange styles and we aren't sure if love it or hate it. While we give her props when it comes to creativ...READ MORE ▶
Meow! Nicki dressed in leopard head to toe. Nicki is sporting one of spring's biggest trends- color blocking! We just didn't get the memo that it applied to hair. We aren't crazy about this pink playsuit with the bubblegum hair. Space age chic! Nicki has a whole Cleopatra, peacock, tennis girl vibe going on...? Interesting combo! She couldn't decide green or white so she just went with both. Nicki looks alien-esque with her crazy green hair. Make up your mind Nicki! Pick one color and go with it! We're not big fans of the hair, it reminds us a bit of a skunk! Lovin' this insanely patterned dress. It's way weird but that's totally Nicki!
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Elizabeth Taylor Dies - The Last Great Hollywood Star Falls!

Wednesday 4:09 PM, 23/03/2011
The legend She was so beautiful! One of the latest pictures of her leaving the hospital Cleopatra! So glam! No wonder she had so many men!
One of the longest living Hollywood icons has died. Dame Elizabeth Taylor passed away in a hospital in Los Angeles this morning from congestive hea...READ MORE ▶
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Heidi Klum's Craziest Halloween Party Ever!

Monday 10:54 PM, 01/11/2010
Kim Kardashian came as Little Red Riding Hood Ashanti makes a sexy kitty! Christian Siriano is insane! Heidi Klum Brooklyn Decker Russell Simmons John Legend and his wife as Anthony and Cleopatra Mark Bouwer - wow! Coco and Ice-T
Fans will know that Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party is one of THE events on the New York social calendar. Its definitely the most fun! Our favorite part is seeing what outrageous costume Heidi and her husband Seal will come up with every year and this year was no disappointment! Even though they swore they were toning it down this year, we think it was one of their most spectacular efforts ever! Heidi came as a giant superhero robot thing and Seal was her silver sidekick!
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 1:18 PM, 31/05/2010
8. We get it, Heidi Klum is gorgeous for her age and looks amazing after having four children, but that is no reason for this new slicked back hairs she has been wearing over and over on the red carpet lately! We think she is way prettier with some hair framing her face! Oh and the yellow of that dress clashes with her skintone! 7. Paula Abdul wore this tiny little bright pink dress at the American Idol final this past week and we just didn't get the thinking behind the look. If she was going for "Mini-Mouse" then I guess she got it right, almost exactly! All she is missing is the black Disney mouse ears! 6. Kirsten Dunst looks tired and washed out in this look! Although we love vintage, we don't think every outdated dress qualifies as vintage-fabulous! What is going on with her hair too by the way? Its over-bleached and growing out and the shoes she chose look like a granny's - all in all a total fail, except for the colour, blue is lovely on her. 5. Ok so we know the pregnancy thing is new for Alicia Keys, but really,  trying to cover up the bump with a million ruffles and frills just ends up making you look like a bad wedding cake instead of a lovely mummy to be! 4. Catherine Zeta Jones used to be such a stylista, but lately she has totally lost her way! She has lost some weight and now she just has no idea how to dress for her new shape! This bandage dress shows off all the wrong parts of her body! She looks totally out of proportion! 3. Brit model Alice Dellal is looking less edgy and cool these days and more like a girl who is a lost on the streets of London after way too much partying! Maybe some people think its hot, but we think she needs a good night's sleep and then maybe she will make better fashion choices too! 2. Katy Perry is probably our biggest disappointment of the week! We couldn't wait to see what she would wear to Fiance Russell Brand's new movie premiere this week, and then she wore this! We usually love Katy's fun red carpet style, but in this she looks like she is wearinig a cheap Cleopatra Halloween costume! 1. Another shiny mess! Liza Minelli wore this half see-through wet-look asymmetric outfit to the Sex and the City 2 movie premiere in New York this week. We think its totally age inappropriate for  her, especially the gel-bra shining through her top for everyone to see! NO!
Ooh it was a disappointing week for red carpet fashion especially! We were totally underwhelmed at the Sex and the City 2 movie premieres and some stars just seem to have totally lost all sense of style lately, yes we are talking to you Jessica Simpson and Catherine Zeta Jones! See who else needs to fire their stylist below!


Who was worst?

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Cutest Halloween Celeb Kiddies!

Monday 6:32 PM, 02/11/2009
Brooke Shields and her daughter Greer and Rowan were dress as showgirls! Rocker Anthony Kiedis and little Everly were both dressed as Eddie Munster! Alyson Hannigan and Satyana as a mother and baby kangaroo! Liv Tyler as Cleopatra and her son Milo as batman! Helena Christensen looked stunning all covered in paint while her kids were more scary in skeleton outfits!
These celebrities and their kids looked so cute in their Halloween costumes this week, we just had to show you! From Alyson Hannigan and her adorable baby girl Satyana in their matching kangaroo and baby outfits to Christina Aguilera and her son Max's scary bones costumes. The stars made special effort this year to get their kids in the holiday spirit!
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