40 Is The New 20!

They say that 40 is the new 20, and that's just so true! Some of our favorite celebs are in their 40s and they still look hot! Click on the pictures to celebs who prove that age is just a number!
Sarah Jessica Parker patternd dress big necklace
Jennifer Lopez, 42, has never looked better. Her body and face looks amazing!
Madonna black dress red carpet lace red lips red gloves
Halle Berry, 45, is one of the sexiest women ever.
Elle Macpherson light pink dress bracelets
Sarah Jessica Parker, 46, looks stunning!
Jennifer Aniston black and white pattern dress gold bracelet
Madonna, 53, goes to yoga and pilates classes. Her body is so fit!
Cindy Crawford metallic dress clutch bag
Elle Macpherson, 47, is even more beautiful now in her 40s.
Mariah Carey pink dress
Jennifer Aniston, 43, is so beautiful!
Salma Hayek navy blue dress black tights black pumps
Cindy Crawford, 46, is a natural beauty.
Nicole Kidman green and blue palette dress
Mariah Carey, 41, never seems to age!
Halle Berry pink dress silver sandals
Salma Hayek, 45, still has a young and fresh face.
Jennifer Lopez beige palette dress slit clutch bag
Source: WENN.com
Nicole Kidman, 44, has an amazing body!
Published Feb 28 2012 11:08 PM
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