25 October 1985, Austin, Texas, USA
28 years

Ciara is an American R&B artist whose biggest hit to date is the song Goodies. Her father was in the army and Ciara therefore grew up on various military bases in Germany and the United States. The group Destiny's Child inspired her to follow her dreams of becoming an artist.

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Check Out The Worst Dressed Celebs Of MTV VMA Awards 2013!

Monday 11:32 AM, 26/08/2013
2. There are no words for Lil Kim's look. 3. Ciara wore a stunning dress - we just wish it would've been a little longer between her legs... 4. Richard Simmons apparently wanted to make some sort of statement on the red carpet. 5. Seriously, Katy Perry? Grills? 6. Erin Wasson.
Some celebrities we don't know whether they just have really bad taste, or if they're in fact just trying to be provocative. Either way, these 6 stars really failed to impress us with their looks last night at the annual MTV VMA Awards. Click on the pics and check out six fashion failures!
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Rihanna Slams Ciara! Keeps On Fighting On Twitter!

Saturday 12:28 PM, 27/04/2013
Rihanna has had a long lasting Twitter feud with Ciara and it doesn't seem to sizzle out either. Appearently, RiRi is so tired of the fact that Cia...READ MORE ▶
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Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week - What Were They Thinking?!

Thursday 11:21 PM, 04/04/2013
We're not quite sure if Ciara is wearing a dress, or a white tent? Fergie matching all kinds of different patterns - and it didn't work out well. Cyndi Lauper has leather fever. Sorry, but that coat kinda makes Kanye West look like a pimp. We love Rita Ora's cool looks - but we don't like how she's referring to cocaine on her shirt.
If you're not sure what to wear one day , well, don't try to get inspired by this article. Some celebrities tend to look sloppy and weird when they leave home, and that's something we wouldn't recommend you to do. Click on the pics and see this week's worst dressed celebrities!
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Outfit Of The Day: Ciara!

Sunday 7:11 PM, 24/03/2013
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Top 10: Street Style!

Friday 9:04 PM, 20/07/2012
2 Actress Anna Faris is wearing a plain black dress with a collar, cute! 3. Jordana Brewster went for a sporty look. 4. Jessica Lowndes' dress is flirty raspberry red! 5. Kelly Brook's shoes are really hot! And we adore her cute black jacket. 6. Pretty shopping outfit, Kylie Minogue! 7. Lauren Conrad! 8. Miley Cyrus wore a comfy dress with Converse shoes while bf Liam Hemsworth took a walk in red sneakers. 9. Miranda Kerr's red dress is really sassy! 10. Paris Hilton rocking the latest.
What to wear, what to wear! How about some raspberry red pants or a leopard blouse? This week we find great inspiration in cute outfits from Ciara, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad and many more! Click on the pictures to see this week's top 10 celebrity street style!
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Big Hollywood Trend: Bringin' Back The Backpack!

Wednesday 7:05 PM, 27/06/2012
We're not sure if that cute backpack belongs to Ben Affleck or to his daughter Violet. David Beckham has a stylish way of carrying his rucksack. Hugh Jackman would rather ride his scooter than hold on to his belongings! So fashion of you to put silver studs on the shoulder straps Ciara! You look happy Jerry Seinfeld, what's in the bag?! Romeo Miller's black Louis Vuitton backpack is to die for! Jack Osbourne can have a yummy snack since he has everything he needs on his back. Nahla lets her mummy Halle Berry carry her stuff! Zac Efrons backpack is stuffed to the limit, no wonder it's too heavy to put on his back!
We carry a bunch of stuff every day- our cellphone, iPad, take away coffee cups, wallet and so on... Yea, a lot of stuff, and we never have our hands free. We've checked out what celebs like Jack Osbourne, Zac Efron and Ciara have done to solve the problem: they got themselves a backpack! Click on the pics and see how they carry their belongings!
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