Which Christina Aguilera Look Is Your Favorite?

We first got to know Christina Aguilera as the beach blonde girl next door, always seen with blue sparkling eye shadow. Then came the X-rated Xtina who was fond of mini skirts and high leather boots. Just as we got accustomed to her brand new (and Naked) look she went on shocking the world again. This time looking like Marilyn Monroe. Since "Genie in a Bottle" the transformations have been many, some successful, others... not so much.

Edgy, elegant or sweet, tell us which look you like best!
christina aguilera
Which Christina is your favorite?
christina aguilera
Christina started out with the typical girl next door-look.
The album was called Stripped, and strip she did.
Christina AguileraAmerican Music Awards, Los Angeles 17/01/00Pic Credit: WENN/ Manny Hernandez
When she released the album Back To Basic, the world got to see a completely different Christina.
christina aguilera
When the album Bionic was released in 2010, Christina went for an edgier look. As the album became a flop, she dropped the look pretty fast.
christina aguilera
Source: WENN.com
At the moment Christina seems to, for the first time in her career, have a bit of an identity crisis. We don't know what her next move will be but we hope she'll make it quick.
Published May 28 2012 11:04 PM
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