Christina Aguilera

18 December 1980, Pittsburgh, USA
33 years

Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, Tobey Maguire, Fred Durst, Carson Daly, Jordan Bratman
Christina Aguilera is a singer/songwriter who won her first grammy 1999 after releasing her single Genie in a Bottle. She has a son, Max Liron Bratman, with Jordan Bratman. Christina Aguilera made her first tv-appearance on The Mickey Mouse Club when she was just a child. Likes baseball and calls Whitney Houston her inspiration.

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Red Carpet! Celebs Attending ALMA Awards!

Friday 9:01 AM, 14/09/2012
Eva Longoria, George Lopez Zoe Saldana Naya Rivera Christina Aguilera
Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana all attended the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards in Pasadena, California. We love to check out red carpet fashion, Nicole's long black dress is to die for! Click on the pics and check out who went down on one knee for Eva Longoria!
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Leaked! Listen To Christina Aguilera's New Single Here!

Friday 12:11 PM, 24/08/2012
Christina Aguilera proves that she's waaay too hot to handle once again! Her new single 'Your Body' just leaked, and we're crazy about it! We hear a little from the old X-tina, but with a cool new twist- and yea, we love her strong voice, she gives us goosebumps over and over again! Listen to the new tune here below and let the weekend begin!
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Crazy Colored Celebrity Wigs!

Friday 9:13 PM, 10/08/2012
In the music video of "Lady Marmelade" Christina Aguilera had a big wig with both colors and curls! Cher always used wigs bag in the days- not so hot! Is Cruella De Vil, Lady Gaga's inspiration source for this look? We think so!  A long purple wig on Nicki Minaj. Black and white, Lily Allen!
We love crazy hair and so do celebrities! And instead of getting their own hair done, they use wigs- so simple! Motto: the crazier the better! Cher was first out and she has really inspired today's users like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, that uses both extensions and wigs on a daily basis! Click on the pics for the best inspo (maybe for a masquarade party?) or just a or just a great laugh!
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Hot Mama! Top 10 Cutest Pregnant Women In Hollywood!

Tuesday 3:08 PM, 07/08/2012
Jennifer Lopez worked her baby bump with a wide zebra dress and a black hat. Cool! Christina Aguilera. Alessandra Ambrosio looks very comfortable (and stylish!) in her loose dress. Jessica Alba out and about with her cute baby bump. A healthy, happy and very pregnant Hilary Duff! A heavily pregnant Jessica Simpson showed off her huge baby bump on The Ellen DeGeneres Show! Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi works her baby bump in front of paparazzis on a baseball game. True street style. Heidi Klum knows what to do to get trendy!  In a red dress on the red carpet, Kourtney Kardashian sure knows how to look stunning during her pregnancy.
Being pregnant and still look fierce isn't always the easiest thing... But celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Alessandra Ambrosio knows the secret on how to look absolutely fabulous with their baby bump. So put on that cute dress and show off your pregnancy glow- or just click on the pics and see how our favorite celebrities does it!
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Top 10 Beauty Tip: Safe Tanning!

Friday 11:14 PM, 06/07/2012
2. Anna Paquin needs to stay pale for her vampire role on ‘True Blood’ but in between filming she often gets a spray tan. “It’s amazing how different your body looks with a good spray tan as anyone facing a job where they’re naked would!” the star says. 3. Choosing the right shade of fake tan can be a tough decision, it has been revealed that Pippa Middleton's shade “royal mocha” is the most requested at British tanning salons. 4. Vanessa Hudgens is a fan a spray tanning and makes sure the ones she has are streak-free. 5. American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, has a favorite tanning spot in New York, called NY Sunclub, where she stops by to get airbrush tans. 6. Celebrity stylist Coco recently revealed that Eva Longoria often comes to her for a spray tan. “"If they haven't quite been to the gym, I can make it look as though they have. I give them an even glow and lightly etch in where the muscle is." 7. Whenever Kim Kardashian is in The Big Apple she goes to celebrity beauty salon Completely Bare to get a spray tan by popular brand St. Tropez. If you cannot stop by the shop, the brand also has a self tan bronzing mousse for home use. 8. Infinity Sun in Beverly Hills is THE sunless tanning place at the moment. They've teamed up with celebrity stylists and are taking Beverly Hills by storm. Celebrity clients like Paris Hilton love the place. 9. Jessica Alba uses product Infinity Sun Glow On The Go to get a sweetly sun-kissed look. 10. Lindsay Lohan gets a spray tan done every now and then. Spray tanners have seen it all and are used to different body shaped so don’t be shy or ashamed of your own body when you get one.
Sunshine or not, summer is here and we want to glow like a goddess! Even on cloudy days you can get an enviable tan like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian, who all have their own little tricks to keep a sun-kissed glow all summer long. Click on the pictures to find out what they do to get a tanned look!
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Bum Basics: Which Celebs Have To Most Bodacious Booties?!

Tuesday 10:18 PM, 19/06/2012
There has always been a lot of talk about Salma Hayeks curves, but if you ever doubted these curves are real, thing again: because they are 100 % authentic. In the last year there have been some rumors about Christina Aguilera having butt implants. But we think might've just gained a few pounds to fill out those amazing curves of hers. Penelope Cruz should be very proud of her Spanish curves. Rumors say she has done some liposuction, but it has never been confirmed. Maybe people are just jealous! We know we are! Beyonce Knowles is also a victim to the plastic surgery rumors, nose job, lip job etc. But not regarding her fantastic body. Those curves REAL! Rihanna has always been known for her fantastic body, but lately she has been loosing weight. There´s been rumors suggesting she´s starved herself to fit in with the rest of size zero-hollywood. She says it´s because of stress and that she wants her old butt back. We hope that´s true! Eva Longoria has what we like to call "curves in miniature". She is only 5´2" and weighs only 105 pounds! Kim Kardashians bum is a constant subject in the celebrity world. There has been loads of rumors that suggests she has had butt implants. Kim got so angry about the rumors that she did an x-ray of her butt to prove to everyone that it was real! Jessica Alba supposedly has the perfect body. Scientist has made tests to find out what makes a woman attractive and apparently it has all to do with the length between your hip and waist. And Jessica has the perfect length. And she also has the cutest bum! Jennifer Lopez is the Queen of Bums. No doubt about it. It´s even said that she had it insured - for 27 million dollars!
Some women are famous for their curves, but in today's world of plastic surgery, we have to know: is it all real? Who has insured their buttocks? Which celeb did an x-ray to prove it is real? Who´s body is closest to perfection? Click on the pics to find out hidden hump gossip!
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