Christian Bale

30 January 1974, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
40 years

Sibi Blazic
Handsome actor Christian Bale is most known for his role in The Batman-movies and in American Psycho. He has one child with his wife Sibi Blazic.
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Wednesday 2:28 PM, 12/01/2011
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Christian Bale is a Fighter!

Saturday 5:33 PM, 11/12/2010
It's almost hard to see Christian Bale as anything other than Batman at this point but the sexy star has a new movie out, 'The Fighter'. The Welsh actor got up early yesterday and visited 'Good Morning America' to talk about the film and how he got himself in to shape for the role! Check out the video below to hear the interview!
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Christian Bale: "The next Batman Movie will my last"

Wednesday 4:03 PM, 24/11/2010
Batman! Christian as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Were you huge fans of sexy Christian Bale in the mega-hit Batman movie "The Dark Knight" like us? There is another instalment of Batman in the works right now and E!Online sat down to talk to Christian about what its like to do the Batman movies and he dropped quite a huge bomb! Christian says as far as he knows, this will be the last time he plays Batman, unless director Chris Nolan decides to change his mind. That makes us a bit sad, but also curious - who will replace Christian?!

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They did it for the movies!

Monday 3:03 PM, 15/11/2010
Renee Zellweger gained a lot of punds for the part in Bridget Jones Diary. To really look like a person who never ever had exercise Renee went on a pizza and beer- diet, and she said it was nice to not be hungry for a change! This is the way she looked before the weight gain... and this is the way she looked after a few (ok, many) portions of pizza. We think she looks great still though! But you can tell the difference right? Tom Hanks is a devoted man, and he takes this whole acting thing very serious. Jared Leto really is one of  the hottest hunks walkning on this planet. But for the movie "Chapter" he gained like himself all over again! Leto ended up looking like this! Ouch! Not hot at all. Christian Bale is known for his well trained body, he is a real package of muscle and all the guys we know says they envy his BIG biceps. For the movie "Machinist" he looked completely different though... Bale lost almost half his body weight by only eating an apple and a can of tuna a day, Not a healthy diet and Christian looked scarry as hell! Colin Farrel is another good looking man that lost a lot of weight for a movie. Not a good thing. He looked waaaay to thin and lost all of his hunk appeal! Oh George, we love you no matter what! Almost, that is. Before his part in "Burn After Reading" George gained quite a lot of weight and well... we liked him better without it. Luckily he lost this Santa Clause look pretty quickly after this picture was taken.
OMG is all we have to say! There really are those who suffer for the art of acting. Some lost tremendous amounts of wight, others double it, and some just looked terrible. Here we give you a few photos of a few actors, like Christian Bale, George Clooney and the sweet Renée Zellweger, who have gone really far to litteraly become their movie charachter. We can't decide if it's cool or creepy though! What do you think? Vote!


What do you think?

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Coolest Celebrity "Got Milk" Ads!

Tuesday 9:19 PM, 17/11/2009
Heidi Klum Rihanna Taylor Swift Liz Hurley Hayden Panettiere Christian Bale as Batman Gisele Bundchen Chris Brown Kelly Clarkson
Demi Lovato is the latest celeb to lend her famous face in the cause to encourage Americans to drink more milk! She is one of hundreds of celebs who have done fun and cool "Got Milk" ads in the last few years, since the Dairy organisation of the USA started its campaign a few years ago, after milk sales went down dramatically in the 90's and almost ruined the dairy farming industry. What a fun way to get people to be more healthy! We love these ads, by Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift and many more! Take a look!
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Latest news!

Megan Fox: The New Catwoman?!

Thursday 8:50 AM, 27/08/2009
We just heard the hottest rumour! Sexiest woman alive and Transformers star Megan Fox has signed up to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie! Megan will be following in some pretty famous footprints! Both Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry have played the sexy cartoon character in the tight leather suit who fights Batman! Christian Bale will be playing Batman again and there are also rumours of Johnny Depp joining the cast that will start filming later this year! What do you think of Megan as catwoman? (Source: TheSun)


Megan as Catwoman:

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