Christian Bale

30 January 1974, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales
41 years

Sibi Blazic
Handsome actor Christian Bale is most known for his role in The Batman-movies and in American Psycho. He has one child with his wife Sibi Blazic.
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Ryan Gosling Might Be the New Batman!

Monday 4:05 PM, 05/12/2011
We vote for Ryan! But Taylor has that whole tortured bad boy thing going on! Or what about Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter? Dexter and Batman are kind of the same in a lot of ways! Christian Bale is stepping down.
After the next Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale is stepping down from his role as the brooding and dark Batman. So who will take ...READ MORE ▶
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Put a Paper Bag On It! Celebs Bad Hair Days Revealed!

Monday 4:14 PM, 31/10/2011
Ryan Gosling looked really creepy with that hair and mustache.... you can't even tell that he's really good looking! David Beckham went overboard with the bleached white hair! Robert Pattinson suffers from a case of mushroom hair! George Clooney is known as the biggest womanizer! But we can't tell here! Johnny Depp has the same hair cut and it's not our fave! OK Johnny we get it, you can look bad! This what Christian Bale looks like after being stranded on a desert island! Creepy old man? No it's just Brad Pitt! Why does everyone of Angelina's boyfriends wear these really creepy glasses?!
Some of our sexiest celebs have had some really bad hair days! You might think that Brad Pitt always looks sexy, WRONG! Like Brad Pitt, even though he's one of the sexiest celebs, he sometimes looks like a creepy old caveman! Click on the picks to see the hottest celebs with the most horrible hair!
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Top List: The Top Seven Sexiest Superheros!

Thursday 10:11 PM, 13/10/2011
2. Christian Bale makes for the hottest Batman ever! We kind of love the hot dark voice...even though we don't understand why he has to do it... HA! 3. Ryan Reynolds plays the Green Lantern and leaves us wanting to know more about the man behind that green mask! 4. We are not the biggest fans of the movie Captain America, but Chris Evans makes it soo much more interesting! 5. Cute Andrew Garfield stars in the new Spider Man movie, and even though we don't know why they wanna do a new one, we kind of wish Andrew would have starred in the old ones too! 6. Brandon Routh is the hottest Superman ever, we could totally fly away with this hot Kryptonian! 7. Edward Norton might not be the hottest hero out there, but he really makes it work on the big screen as the incredible Hulk!
We love super hero movies and the super heroes always look so hot while saving the world! We definitely have thing for Batman and X-Men's, Wolverine- they're just so daring and sexy! Sometimes we daydream about Christian Bale (in latex) rescuing us from bad guys in Gotham City! Which superhero do you want to save your from the dangers that lurk in the dark? Click on the pics and choose your very own knight in shining armor!


Who is the hottest Super hero?

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Christopher Nolan keeps the ending to him self!

Wednesday 9:11 PM, 21/09/2011
We are soo looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises! Looks like a lot of action going on!
The new and concluding chapter in Christopher Nolan Batman series,The Dark Knight Rises, has no ending, or at least not on paper! Christopher wants...READ MORE ▶
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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's One Sexy Superhero!

Monday 3:35 PM, 22/08/2011
Tobey Maguire played one adorable Spider-Man! Andrew Garfield is set to play the new Spider-Man, don't you think he's so handsome? Are you a fan of Christian Bale who played the dark and brooding Batman? Hottie, Henry Cavill, as Superman! Would you let him look at you with x-ray vision? Ryan Reynolds played the Green Lantern! Yum!
Do you love superhero movies as much as we do? Strong sexy men who can fly, have x-ray vision, and secret super powers? We wish a hot superhero would sweep us off our feet, fly us to the moon, rescue us from the bad guy, and maybe kiss us upside down in a rainy alleyway! Siiiigh! Which superhero do you think is the sexiest? Click on the photos to see more sexy superheros!


Who's the Sexiest Superhero?

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On The Set Of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises!

Tuesday 12:23 PM, 02/08/2011
Mmmm, sexy Batman! Doesn't Bane look incredibly creepy? Getting ready to film a fight scene!
Here's some sneak peeks of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, with the dreamy Christian Bale dressed as Batman and practicing scenes with Tom Hardy, who plays Bane. Are you a fan of Batman? Or maybe you're more of a Spider-Man girl?
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