Kate Hudson Takes Madonna's Left Overs!

Wednesday 5:54 PM, 20/05/2009
Cosy couple alert!

Cosy couple alert!
Kate Hudson really has strange taste in men, and a bit of a serial dater! She was married to rocker Chris Robinson, but has also dated everyone from Justin Timberlake, Owen Wilson, Heath Ledger and Lance Armstrong! Her latest hook-up is the biggest surprise though! She has been seen out with Madonna's ex Yankees star Alex Rodriguez! Kate was even at their last game on friday! Afterwards the couple were spotted getting cosy at A-Rod's favourite restaurant. We wonder how long this one will last for Kate? (Source: People)
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shocked(non member) 1
24/05/2009 8:02 PM
with that smile he almost looks like chris
brown.wow a little creepy

fuck me (non member) 2
31/05/2009 9:29 PM
i need sex fast

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