Chris Brown

5 May 1989, Tappahannock, Virginia, USA
25 years

Chris Brown released his debut album in 2005 and has since then had much success as an artist, producer and actor. Already at the age of 16 his debut singel Run it! made it to the no 1 n the Bilboard. Chris Brown has starred in the TV-show O.C.

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Chris Brown Smashed a Window In Anger!

Tuesday 6:16 PM, 22/03/2011
How can he pretend it never happened?!
Temper temper Chris Browne! Did you catch his interview this morning on GMA?! Well Robyn kept asking him about Rihanna and the court case, but he refused to answer and only wanted to talk about his new album FAME. Chris kept his calm during the interview, but afterward? Whoa! He let rip, taking off his shirt in anger and even smashing through a window in his dressing room at the ABC studios! Those anger management classes obviously didn't work at all! We hope he gets into trouble! Here is the interview and here are the pictures!

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Chris Brown Just Doesn't Care!

Sunday 9:57 AM, 20/03/2011
He used to be cute...
Wow, he really is handling this whole negative publicity thing badly! You could even say that he is handling it worse than Kanye West... At first he made a poor attempt at trying to rehabilitate his image with public apologies and songs about being a changed man, but now it seems like he has just given up completely! When arriving at a Manhattan hotel yesterday, he was sporting a true douche bag look. Fuzzy bleached hair, a colorful "I don't care" cap and a t-shirt with an implied message. Army VS Army? Seriously? More like World VS Chris Brown! It's time to grow up, Chris!
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Breaking News!

Chris Brown Can Go Near Rihanna Again!

Wednesday 5:27 PM, 23/02/2011
Lets hope the lesson has been learned!
After almost 2 years of restraining orders and court and media drama, Chris Brown is finally allow to attend award ceremonies again and not worry about walking into his ex Rihanna! A judge decided to lift the restraining order this week, so that Chris can have his social life back. Congratulations Chris, now lets hope you can keep your hands to yourself and that bad temper in place!(TMZ)
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Posh Picks From Around the Web!

Friday 6:33 PM, 11/02/2011
This has got to be our favorite for the day: that white dress Lindsay Lohan wore to court the other day has sold out online! Read more about it

Here is what else we found interesting today, we hope you will like these little gossip tidbits too!

Rihanna has a forgiving heart! She wants to drop the restraining order for Chris Brown! (Hollywire)

Pete Wentz is crying over Ashlee dumping him, poor guy! (Radar)

Snooki talks to David Letterman about her alcohol problems! (
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No Grammy's For Chris Brown!

Monday 6:01 PM, 31/01/2011
We hope he wins in his categories at least!
Chris Brown wants everyone to know the reason why he can't make the Grammy's is because he has "scheduling conflicts" and it has nothing to do with the fact that Rihanna still has a restraining order against him and will also be at the event! Yeah right!

Even though his lawyers have denied it, we hear that Chris was trying to convince the judge in his case to lift the restraining order so that he could attend the awards show where he has been nominated for 3 awards. The judge obviously refused to hear anything about it and now Chris is covering it up with the "schedule conflict" story. So sorry girls, if Chris wins, you will have to make do with his video recorded thank you speech!
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Chris Brown Paints a Pig!

Thursday 4:59 PM, 27/01/2011
Is he clever or dumb? We can't decide!
Anybody else think its funny that Chris Brown chose to paint a pig for charity, especially after he was such a man-pig and was violent with Rihanna?! Of all the things he decides to create, it has to be a pig?! He keeps saying he wants us to forget the whole thing with Rihanna, but then why does he go and do stuff like this?!
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