Chris Brown

5 May 1989, Tappahannock, Virginia, USA
25 years

Chris Brown released his debut album in 2005 and has since then had much success as an artist, producer and actor. Already at the age of 16 his debut singel Run it! made it to the no 1 n the Bilboard. Chris Brown has starred in the TV-show O.C.

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Chris Brown Rewards His Watch Thief!

Saturday 8:13 PM, 24/09/2011
Chris Brown recently did what many people would probably have some qualms about doing: he rewarded a thief with exclusive front seats to one if his...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan Has the Hots for Chris Brown!

Wednesday 9:06 AM, 31/08/2011
Can you do better? We think so!
It looks like Lindsay Lohan is back on the prowl! Our favorite delinquent is looking to hook up with none other than Chris Brown. UGH! But seriousl...READ MORE ▶
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Did Jay-Z Diss Chris Brown at the VMAs?

Tuesday 8:49 AM, 30/08/2011
Jay-Z with Rihanna!
It seems that Jay-Z is already in protective dad mode! As you guys know, Jay-Z was the one to discover Rihanna is very supportive of her in her car...READ MORE ▶
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Justin Bieber Or Should We Say Shawty Mane?!

Friday 11:10 PM, 05/08/2011
Justin Bieber and Chris Brown seem to have a true bromance, because they just released their third song together! But this time they're leaving the R'n'B and pop behind and they're going for straight up hip hop! Yeah, Justin and Chris are rapping together in their new song, "Ladies Love Me." The track is from Chris's new album, "Boy In Detention." Justin is so committed, he even has a new alias...Shawty Mane. (hollywoodlife)

We don't know if we're really feeling it though... This new song just doesn't sound like the Justin we love. What do guys think? Do you want to hear more of “Shawty Mane”?
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Thursday 6:06 PM, 28/07/2011
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Monday 7:39 PM, 27/06/2011
It's Music Monday! We have some great songs for you today! Including, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, Coldplay's newest song, Joe Jonas' newest song, and Janelle Monae! So basically it's a completely awesome playlist! Enjoy and let us know what you would like to hear next week!

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