Chris Brown

5 May 1989, Tappahannock, Virginia, USA
25 years

Chris Brown released his debut album in 2005 and has since then had much success as an artist, producer and actor. Already at the age of 16 his debut singel Run it! made it to the no 1 n the Bilboard. Chris Brown has starred in the TV-show O.C.

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Rihanna & Chris Brown's Secret Reunion!

Thursday 4:04 PM, 19/01/2012
Rihanna, how can you go back to him?!
Nearly three years ago, during February of 2009, Chris Brown was arrested for assault of his girlfriend, the pop star Rihanna. After the law suit,...READ MORE ▶
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Click! Funny moment captured forever!

Wednesday 8:13 PM, 21/12/2011
We're not very surprised that Katie Price went out like this! Elle MacPherson looks cute! Chris Brown looks so funny! What is he doing?! Got something in your eye, Lea Michele? Ha! Gwyneth Paltrow were captured by the cameras while she were blinking! Brooke Shields looks like she's seen a ghost! We caught Blake Lively doing.. well, what is she doing? Agyness Deyn fell down on the runway, embarrassing! We love our cute Reese Witherspoon!
We always get to see pictures of our fave celebs in hot oufits, pouting lips and shiny hair. But since the biggest celebs are constantly followed by a swarm of paparazzis, it’s not very weird that they sometimes get photographed with a funny face or in an embarrassing moment. We’ve collected 10 pics of celebs that we think they just want to forget about!
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Chris Brown Has Got A New Lady In His Life!

Sunday 11:41 AM, 20/11/2011
Chris Brown has kept his love life on the down-low after his relationship with Rihanna crashed and burned back in 2009 and put an almost unrepairable dent in his career. But during these last few months, he has been giving love another shot with Vietnamese model Karrueche Tran! Just the other day we spotted them shopping at Maxfield in West Hollywood before jetting off in Chris' custom designed Lamborghini.

Will their relationship end similarly to Chris' and Rihanna's or will they live happily ever after? We're curious to find out!
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Chris Brown Banned From The UK!

Saturday 5:53 PM, 08/10/2011
Chris Brown is a huge Michael Jackson fan and has participated in several tribute shows after his passing, so in one way we do feel slightly sorry for him. Here he is performing MJ's hit song Thriller!
He has made his bed, and now he has to lie in it! Chris Brown was supposed to participate in a Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales alongside star...READ MORE ▶
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Chris Brown Rewards His Watch Thief!

Saturday 8:13 PM, 24/09/2011
Chris Brown recently did what many people would probably have some qualms about doing: he rewarded a thief with exclusive front seats to one if his...READ MORE ▶
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Lindsay Lohan Has the Hots for Chris Brown!

Wednesday 9:06 AM, 31/08/2011
Can you do better? We think so!
It looks like Lindsay Lohan is back on the prowl! Our favorite delinquent is looking to hook up with none other than Chris Brown. UGH! But seriousl...READ MORE ▶
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