Chris Brown

5 May 1989, Tappahannock, Virginia, USA
25 years

Chris Brown released his debut album in 2005 and has since then had much success as an artist, producer and actor. Already at the age of 16 his debut singel Run it! made it to the no 1 n the Bilboard. Chris Brown has starred in the TV-show O.C.

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Rihanna Sick Of Judging Instagram Followers: "I Don't Need Saving!"

Monday 8:02 AM, 07/01/2013
Not all her fans approves of Chris Brown... She's sick of people judging her!
Rihanna and Chris Brown are definitely having something going on between them once again, and now she slams back to all haters on Instagram telling...READ MORE ▶
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This Celebrity Year Through Instagram!

Monday 3:28 PM, 31/12/2012
We got to enjoy Justin Biebers smile! Mmm<3 Halloween was the highlight on Twitter and Instagram! Fergie showed off her caut suit! Grrr... We followed Pink backstage on video shoots! Amber Rose showed off her baby bump! Kylie Minogue made os long to beautiful places! Rihanna and Chris Brown provoked fans with intimate photos ... Peaches Geldof kissed her furry friend! Hilary Duff proudly showed off her son Luca! Shakira revealed her pregnancy! Ah, so sweet!
This years obsession has been Instagram and our fav celebs have likewise taken note by sharing their personal photos on the popular social media community, which has given us a backstage pass into their private lives! Instagram has been totally flooded with photos of cute puppies, baby bumps, kisses, party pics and generally entertaining pictures of celebrities in their everyday lives, under layers of embellishment filters... We've collected some of the Insta pics of the year! Enjoy!
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Rihanna And Chris Brown Sitting In A Tree....

Thursday 5:06 PM, 27/12/2012
K-I-S-S-I-N-G! We spotted RiRi and Breezy (also known as Rihanna and Chris Brown) the other day holding hands in downtown LA. We can't help but wonder what you guys think of their big reunion? Are you happy they're back together or not? Hit the vote button and tell us right away!


RiRi <3 Breezy: Yay Or Nay?!

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Rihanna And Chris Brown Seen Together In Public!

Wednesday 8:04 AM, 26/12/2012
Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen arriving at a public event together for the first time in years where they were sitting side by side at a Lakers ...READ MORE ▶
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More Drama! Rihanna Crying Over Chris Brown Again!

Friday 4:04 PM, 14/12/2012
This whole Rihanna-Chris Brown-Karrueche Tran thing has really gone out of control, but we just keep following the drama every single day. We thoug...READ MORE ▶
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Rihanna Tattooed Chris Brown's Name On Her Body!

Monday 7:58 AM, 10/12/2012
They're pretty much back together.... .. and now she's got his name on her body!
Rihanna and Chris Brown obviously have something going on between them again, and now RiRi has tattooed Chris' nickname 'Breezy' onto her body, ear...READ MORE ▶
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