Chloë Sevigny's Retro Look: Hit or Miss?

Friday 11:59 PM, 06/11/2009
Is this her best look?

Is this her best look?

Loving those Jeans?

Loving those Jeans?
We spotted fashionista Chloë Sevigny looking retro for a lunch date Joans on Third dressed in high waisted jeans, a tucked in striped shirt, and a sweater over her shoulder. Chloe is usually the queen of vintage and retro clothing, did she hit the mark right this time too? You decide!


Chloe's retro style:

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ESwany(non member) 1
07/11/2009 1:39 AM
I say LOSE the sweater! That looks compeltly bad!
Take it away, and then pair it with black booties,
an oversized bag, some big sunglasses, AND
ACCSESERIS! Sometimes the "retro" look is a total
miss! -ESwany XOXO

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