Chloƫ Sevigny looks incredibly burned out!

With her hair in a strange bun, Chloe Sevigny was spotted sunning herself in a black Bikini on the beach outside her hotel in Miami, Florida. She was seen reading the paper, chatting with friends and using her Blackberry. Seems as if Chloe has been partying for a while judging by her tired look!
Headache Chloe?
Headache Chloe?
Headache Chloe?
Headache Chloe?
Cool glasses!
Cool glasses!
How is everything Chloe?
How is everything Chloe?
How is everything Chloe?
...but not mine?
...but not mine?
...but not mine?
...but not mine?
...but not mine?
Published Jan 3 2009 12:20 PM
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