Hairtastic! Cheryl Cole's Top 10 Hairstyles!

Cheryl Cole must be one of the most beautiful women in the world- true story! But we're not as interested in her career as we are in her cool Hairstyles. She's doubtlessly daring when it comes to her hair, and she's tried on tons of cool looks through the years. Click on the pics for great inspo for your next hairdresser date!
Cheryl Cole blonde 2005 Girls Aloud crowd bodyguards
Blonde and short! This look seems to be one of her favorites since she's went for it several times.
Cheryl Cole guys beige dress bangs event
Cheryl Cole back in 2005. Much blonder!
Cheryl Cole red hair sunglasses leather jacket crowd bodyguards
A lots of volume and chocolate brown, loose curls! Simple and very pretty!
Cheryl cole volume hair red top smiling
When Cheryl Cole showed up for an event in 2006, she had chosen a "not-so-fancy" (and much too lady-like?!) dress but pulled off her straight hair and bangs perfectly.
Cheryl Cole blonde short hair event white dress
One of her more daring looks! When she became spokesperson for L'Oréal she got herself long mahogny red hair. Stunning and our absolute favorite look!
Cheryl Cole pink dress event big earrings curls blonde short hair
Short, thick and blonde! What else can we say? She looks as great as always!
Cheryl Cole short blonde hair Lorraine talk show mid part
In one of her latest Music Video "Call My Name", Cheryl Cole shows off a much cooler look. We love ponytail and bangs!
Cheryl Cole call my name music video dancing yellow top black jacket
When Cheryl Cole visited "Lorraine" the talk show, earlier this year she had gone back to blonde.
Cheryl Cole signing autographs light brown
Cheryl Cole back in the days looking chic with long, dark brown hair!
Cheryl Cole book release green brown jacket showing
In June this year, Cheryl Cole was out signing autographs with her newest hairstyle; light brown and some curls!
Published Aug 8 2012 7:12 PM
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