Cheryl is Practically British Royalty!

Sunday 10:22 PM, 13/06/2010

Cheryl Cole is more famous than David and Victoria Beckham in England which was obvious when she arrived at 'The X-Factor' auditions in London yesterday. Even though she was accompanied by Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Natalie Imbruglia the fans only seemed interested in meeting her! We don't blame you!
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Wissal(non member) 1
14/06/2010 6:45 AM
cheryl cole is very beauty and fashion queen

mindy me(non member) 2
14/06/2010 4:26 PM
well well,how many fans are present on that day?
what ms.tweedy more popular than David and
Victoria? are there millions present at that
place? PLEASE don't be exagerrated. don't use
BECKHAM'S for tweedy's publicity. BECKHAM'S

mary grace(non member) 3
14/06/2010 5:03 PM
that truth will always prevail, are there 1
thousand , 20 million , 30 millon who are
present that day? who welcome x- factor
host's? billion no cheryl is not more
popular than David and Victoria .they are
still the

mohammed (non member) 4
14/06/2010 5:11 PM
cheryl, youre not in the league with the
Beckham's. they are more popular than you okay.
they are being looked up with millons all
over the world.

julius(non member) 5
14/06/2010 5:13 PM
No way, it's still the Beckham's

irma williams(non member) 6
14/06/2010 5:22 PM
what? who said? really? NO NO NO NO
NO, ha ha ha ha,are they insane, david and
victoria are more popular than that girl no
doubt about that.

toby (non member) 7
14/06/2010 5:31 PM
yuck! of course not, she's not even
known in other country.

zeny visconde(non member) 8
14/06/2010 5:44 PM
oh my god, what a comment,can't believed,
please wake me up for a bad dream.of course
not.DAVID AND VICTORIA are more popular.

kristina lopez(non member) 9
14/06/2010 5:53 PM
3 NO's she's not more popular than David
and Victoria.end of the story

Alvin yutengco(non member) 10
14/06/2010 6:04 PM
Ludicrous, cheryl is not yet well known
all over the world unlike david and
victoria.even here in England these couple are
more popular than her.don't be imaginative. i
want to laugh in this issue.

teresita mercado(non member) 11
14/06/2010 8:36 PM
excuse me, Beckham's are globally popular and
admired,no comparison.these couple are more
popular than her.

shien yu(non member) 12
14/06/2010 8:39 PM

abegail ajuju(non member) 13
14/06/2010 9:06 PM
since when? take a gripped, take a deep breath
and the answer. NO. victoria and david are
more popular.

carmen co(non member) 14
14/06/2010 10:13 PM
he, he, he, he, what? who said she's more
popular than David and Victoria? her paid
press group. be ashamed of yourself.

fight for the truth(non member) 15
14/06/2010 10:18 PM
Magic word DAVID and VICTORIA are still ,more popular of all time.

edita solis(non member) 16
15/06/2010 10:28 AM
que sera,sera,is this a joke!! i like to
throw-up with this rubbish issue. David and
Victoria are more popular don't and no
question about that.

love vic(non member) 17
19/01/2011 3:30 AM
whaaattt...cheryl more famouse than the beckham
???...oohhh pleaseeeeee.....cheryl didn't want to
release the name of the COLE because so she
remained in the know person

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