Charlotte Riley

29 December 1981, Grindon, Thorpe Thewles, England
33 years

Tom Hardy
Charlotte Riley is an English actress, best known foor her role Sarah Hurst in Easy Virtue and as Catherine Earnshaw in Wuthering Heights Charlotte has a university degree in English and Linguistics. She has also attened the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Charlotte is engaged to actor Tom Hardy who she met in 2009.
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Stars Alert! 'The Dark Knight Rises' Premiere!

Tuesday 1:51 PM, 17/07/2012
Anne Hathaway is the female star of the movie. Gary Oldman. Marion Cotillard looked like a white swan. Morgan Freeman. Tom Hary and Charlotte Riley wanted to see the movie.
Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale, among a bunch of other Hollywood stars, attented the world premiere of the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" looking oh so glamorous. We wish we were there!
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Top List - Next Generation Hollywood Hunks!

Tuesday 7:12 AM, 21/09/2010
2. Mark Salling. Age: 27. Dating status: He says he is single even though he has been caught with co-star Naya Rivera in his trailer! What you saw him in first: Glee season 1 where he plays sexy Puck. See him next: Glee season 2. 3. Ian Soderhalder. Age:31. Dating Status: He used to be with Twilight star Ashley Greene, but rumor is he now with co-star Nina Dobrev! Where you saw him first: Vampire Diaries where he plays hot vampire Damon. See him next: A horror movie called "Cradlewood". 4. Channing Tatum. Age: 30. Dating status: sorry girls he is married to his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan. What you saw him in first: Step Up or Dear John. See him next: "The Eagle of the Ninth" out in cinemas now! 5. James Franco. Age: 32. Dating status: Single and beware, we hear he has some strange habits...Where you saw him first: Freaks and Geeks or Spiderman. See him next: Eat, Pray,Love if you haven't already! 6. Tom Hardy. Age:32 Dating Status: currently dating fellow Brit. Charlotte Riley, but good news all, we hear he like girls and boys! What you saw him in first: Inception, See him next: "Warrior" and get this, Twilight's Kellan Lutz will be co-starring - wow! 7. Alexander Skarsgård. Age 33. Dating status: Its rumored that his summer romance with Kate Bosworth is on the rocks, so he might be looking! What you saw him in first: True Blood. See him next: Swedish fans: "Puss" and next year see the movie that brought him and Kate together "Straw Dogs". 8. Cory Monteith. Age: 28. Dating status: Single, even though he has been spotted out with Taylor Swift. Where you saw him first: Glee where he plays cute quarterback, Finn See him next:  a new film called "Breaking The Girl". 9. David Gandy. Age: 30. Dating status: in our dreams he is single. Where you saw him first: THAT Dolce & Gabbana perfume ad! See him next: Watch out for him on runway pictures from the recent Fashion Weeks and we hear he wants to try out is acting skills soon too. 10. Aaron Johnson. Age: 20. Dating status: He is engaged to 43-year-old film maker Sam Taylor-Wood and the couple have a little girl(!). What you saw him in first: He stole your heart in "Kick-Ass". See him next: British-Japanese drama "Chatroom".
The women of the world have voted and these are the hottest new faces in Hollywood right now! Are you sick of Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp? Well we have some smoking hot and talented fresh new faces for you to enjoy! You might know some of them already and the good news is we are going to tell you where you can catch their latest work too! Many of these guys are not married yet either and the good news is ladies, they might not be too famous to date you! Enjoy our list of Hollywood's up and coming hunks!
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