Charlize Theron

7 August 1975, Benoni, South Africa
39 years

Charlize Theron is a South-African actress who started out as a balletdancer and model before moving to Los Angeles at age 18. She speaks fluent Afrikaans and loves Tom Hanks. In March 2012 Charlize adopted a boy named Jackson.
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Top List! Here Are The Sexiest Male And Female Movie Villains!

Friday 7:02 PM, 05/04/2013
Charlize Theron in Snow-White and the Huntsman. Demi Moore in Charlie's Angels. Angelina Jolie in Wanted. Anne Hathaway in Batman. Salma Hayek in Savages. Cillian Murphy in Batman Begins. James Franco in Spider-Man 3. Matt Damon, George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the Ocean's Movies. Christian Bale in American Psycho. Colin Farrell in Daredevil.
There is really something special about villains , isn't it? We love those movie characters that we really aren't supposed to like, and we can't help thinking that many of them are incredibly sexy. Click on the pics and check out our top list of the hottest male and female movie villains!
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Like Mother Like Daughter! Celebrities Looking Like Their Moms!

Wednesday 8:17 PM, 27/02/2013
We can really tell who Hayden Panettiere got her pretty looks from. We bet Kim Kardashian will look exactly like her mom Kris Jenner in 20 years! Sienna Miller and her mother look just like each other! Miley Cyrus and her mom Leticia Cyrus might not look exactly like her mom today with her short platinum blonde pixie haircut - but back in the days we could've mistaken them for being sisters. Charlize Theron looks just like the woman that once gave birth to her.
Ever wondered where all these gorgeous celebrities got their pretty looks form? The answer is simple: they got it from their mamas! Some Hollywood celebs looks exactly like their moms, and it's really hilarious! Click on the pics and see them all - and believe us, you're not seeing double!
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Blondes With Pixies Clearly Have More Fun!

Wednesday 7:15 PM, 27/02/2013
Michelle Williams looks terrific in her cool blonde short haircut. We love it! Miley Cyrus shocked everyone when she suddenly chopped off all her hair. Now we're used to it, and we love how cool she looks with her mohawk. Charlize Theron showed off her new hairstyle att his year's Oscars, and we love it! So elegant! We love Carey Mulligan's cool blonde pixie - and she's the best inspiration source if you're looking for ways to vary your short hair.
We've noticed a big Hollywood hair trend right now - the blonde pixie haircut. Celebrities all ages love cutting off their long curls to look absolutely smashing in a short blonde haircut instead. Click on the pics for great hair inspo - and maybe get the curage to try it yourself?
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Top List! Our 11 Favorite Red Carpet Dresses From The Oscars!

Monday 9:07 AM, 25/02/2013
Amy Adam's ball gown from Oscar de la Renta was perfect for her! We love how Charlize Theron's Dior dress looked like it was made only for her! Zoe Saldana was stunning in her Alexis Mabille gown. Adele looked fantastic rocking her Jenny Packham dress. Amanda Seyfried was beautiful wearing her Alexander McQueen gown. Jennifer Aniston's Valentino dress is honestly one of our all-time favorites! Jennifer Garner wearing this purple Gucci dress made it to our top list! We'd steal Halle Berry's Versace dress any day. Anne Hathaway looked lovely in her Prada dress.
Hey guys! It's time for our favorite post of the year - the best dressed of this year's Oscars! We love seeing all our favorite celebs all dressed up rocking the red carpet, and of course - we love deciding which ones did it perfectly and which one failed completely.

Here's our list of this year's Best Dressed Celebrities of the Oscars 2013! Click on the pics and check it out!
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Our Top 10 Favorite Oscars Dresses Of All Time!

Friday 10:56 AM, 22/02/2013
We will never forget Hilary Swank's gorgeous open back gala gown. Emma Stone matched the red carpet last year - and she did it perfectly! Jennifer Lopez really knows how to show off her beautiful curves, here she is at last year's Oscars. Heidi Klum was the lady in red back in 2008. Just look how amazing Kate Hudson looked back in 2003! Breathtaking! Jessica Alba always looks amazing, and here, back in 2006, she pulled her Oscars gown off perfectly! Cameron Diaz in 2010. Charlize Theron's 2004 Gucci dress is one of our all time favorites! Sexy Angelina Jolie in 2004.
As you guys might already know, the annual Academy Awards (Oscars) takes place this weekend, and it really is the perfect moment to check out what all the superstars are wearing at the red carpet. Some dresses are still in our minds, years later, so we figured we'd list our top 10 favorite Oscars dresses of all time! Click on the pics to see them all!
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