Charlie Sheen

3 September 1965, New York, USA
49 years

Kelly Preston, Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter, Teri Starr, Margaret Schinke, Denise Richards, Ashley Dupre, Brooke Allen
Actor Charlie Sheens first big role was in Oliver Stones movie Platoon. Both his father, Martin Sheen, and his brother, Emilio Estevez, are actors. He has two children with Denise Richards and a daughter with ex-girlfriend Paula Profit.

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Charlie Sheen bilder och skvaller | Allt om Charlie Sheen!

Monday 8:02 PM, 09/05/2011
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Charlie Sheen and Brooke are FINALLY Divorced

Monday 9:00 PM, 02/05/2011
Crazy, crazy, crazy Charlie!
It's about time! Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are officially divorced. Their extremely dysfunctional relationship has been going on long enough...READ MORE ▶
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Charlie Sheen Dumped By Goddess!

Monday 8:36 AM, 25/04/2011
At least he still got one left... Bye bye Bree!
Uh oh! It seems Charlie Sheen's winning streak might finally be coming to an end. First his over hyped live show bombs at the ticket office, and no...READ MORE ▶
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Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab - Charlie Wants the Babies!

Tuesday 12:54 PM, 19/04/2011
Crazy people - why did they have babies?!
We feel so sorry for Charlie Sheen and ex Brooke Mueller's twin babies! Their mother has just gone back to rehab after she refused to take a drug test this week and according to the court, that is the same as testing negative. So crazy Charlie is using this to try to make the court give him full custody of the babies now that Brooke needs help in rehab. Is there no one else who can look after these babies?!
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Picture special

Thursday 11:01 PM, 07/04/2011
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Charlie Sheen's Live Show Bombs!

Monday 9:02 AM, 04/04/2011
The worst show on earth? Will he go to rehab for real now?!
We are not surprised to hear this at all, we knew Charlie Sheen was a mess! His sold out live shows started this weekend, first in Detroit and then Chcago and fans were so upset at the bad quality of both Charlie's opening act and his actual show on stage, they were booing him and most of them ended up walking out! We can't believe people were dumb enough to think he would be entertaining in the first place! (TMZ)

Here is a clip if you have the stomach to see him bomb out:
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