Charlie Sheen

3 September 1965, New York, USA
49 years

Kelly Preston, Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter, Teri Starr, Margaret Schinke, Denise Richards, Ashley Dupre, Brooke Allen
Actor Charlie Sheens first big role was in Oliver Stones movie Platoon. Both his father, Martin Sheen, and his brother, Emilio Estevez, are actors. He has two children with Denise Richards and a daughter with ex-girlfriend Paula Profit.

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The Charlie Sheen Show - SOLD OUT in 18mins!

Monday 11:12 AM, 14/03/2011
He is making money by the truckload! Natty the godess
Have you heard? Charlie Sheen has decided to take his crazy on the road, now that he has been fired! He is planning a mini-tour of the US, to do a sort of stand-up comedy show about all the drama surrounding him in the news lately, you know, the drug abuse, the girlfriends, the baby drama and the TV show situation. Can you believe the tickets to his show sold out in 18 minutes flat? There is so much demand, Charlie is going to have to add a few extra show dates. Wow!(TMZ)
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Charlie Sheen: "Now I can take their Bazillions!"

Tuesday 8:58 AM, 08/03/2011
We bet that's not all he's been drinking!
Yesterday Warner Bros. officially announced that Charlie Sheen has been fired from his hit TV show "2 and a half men" because of his crazy, cracked out behaviour over the last few weeks. You would think Charlie was angry and upset over this, but no. Yesterday he made another wild statement, saying it was good news they fired him, because now he can go ahead and sue them for "bazillions". Good luck with that Charlie, especially after calling your boss "whatshiscock!" (read Charlie's full statement here)
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Paris Hilton Lashes Out At Charlie Sheen!

Sunday 9:23 AM, 06/03/2011
BFFs! Brooke & Charlie
If you didn't already know, Paris Hilton is close friends with Charlie Sheen's ex wife Brooke Mueller. Brooke is also quite heavily featured in Par...READ MORE ▶
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Charlie Sheen Tweets For Money!

Friday 9:02 AM, 04/03/2011
with one of his "godesses" Bree
This Tuesday, Charlie Sheen joined Twitter and in true Charlie style, he has become the king of it in just a few days! After weeks of scandals abou...READ MORE ▶
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Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Angels!

Wednesday 9:06 AM, 02/03/2011
Weird! At least he doesn't look after his twin boys by himself! Natalie Kenly Bree Olson
The madness of Charlie Sheen just gets worse every day! Yesterday we showed you his first interview with ABC and now there is more! Charlie wanted ...READ MORE ▶
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Charlie Sheen wants To Sue - John Stamos Taking his Job?!

Tuesday 1:10 PM, 01/03/2011
Crazy man! Good luck John!
After Charlie Sheen's crazy behavior over the last few weeks, its no surprise the bosses of his hit TV show 2 and a half Men are looking to fire and replace him! Rumor is that John Stamos is in talks to become a new character on the show, he won't replace Charlie's character, but may take over as the new far no one is talking details yet. But Charlie has a lot to say!

Charlie did an interview over the weekend saying he is going to sue for more than 300 million dollars because he is ready to work, but CBS Television has canceled his show in the middle of shooting season nine. Watch the weird interview below!

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