Friday Hot Guy! Channing Tatum!

Channing Tatum white shirt wine red tie waistcoat
Who did not lay their eyes on hot stuff Channing Tatum this summer?! His big hit movie "Magic Mike" made us all blush, in a good way! Because it is Friday, we celebrate the weekend by giving you 10 steamy pics for this week's Hot Guy. Click on the pictures to see them all!
Channing Tatum blue blazer white shirt tie
Channing Tatum grey top green scarf coat black
The only reason Channing wanted to graduate highschool was so that he could win a scholarship to go play football.
Dear John channing tatum bare chest
Channings zodiac sign is Aries, typical for Aries is courage and stubornes!
Channing Tatum jeans svarta blÄ skjorta
"I did modeling because they told me I had the physique for it" Channing said in an interview,. There is no mistake in it...
Channing Tatum grey pants black shirt
Channing is of Native American, Irish and French descent! Bojour!
Channing Tatum grey pants black shirt
Channing Tatum grey shirt knitted cardigan
Channing loves to dress cosy, oh we would love a hug from him in that cardigan...
Channing Tatum grey jeans shirt
Channing lost his wedding ring and his wife, Jenna Dewan, is pissed! Yes we are sorry to tell you he is in fact married.
Channing Tatum grey suit waistcoat white shirt tie
We like Channing two ways, all dressed up in sharp suits and - err not so dressed up.
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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