Paris, France
Alain Wertheimer (co-owner), Gerard Wertheimer (co-owner), Karl Lagerfeld (head designer)
Chanel was created by the famous fashionista Coco Chanel. The Parisian fashion house is specialized in luxury goods such as haute couture, ready-to-wear, handbags, perfumery and cosmetics amongst others. Maison de Chanel has through successful years become to be one of the most recognized names in luxury and haute couture fashion. The well-known signature Chanel logotype (see picture), was originally founded by Coco Chanel and didn't become a trademake until the opening of the first Chanel stores.
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Thursday 7:12 AM, 27/01/2011
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First Look: Cameron Diaz & A-Rod In Public!

Wednesday 8:44 PM, 26/01/2011
Exploring the city of love together!
Wow, things must be getting serious with these two! Just a few months ago Cameron Diaz and New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez would hardly even admit to knowing each other, but now they are travelling to Paris together as a couple! We can only think this means they have taken their on/off romance to the next level. This must mean Cam and A-Rod are officially a couple now!
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Ashley Tisdale Hides Behind Chanel!

Sunday 12:12 PM, 23/01/2011
Ashley Tisdale isn't usually this camera shy so we're guessing she wasn't feeling all that hot when she left the gym in Toluca Lake yesterday morning! The actress was carrying her gym shoes and a water bottle and at the same time trying to hide her face with her Chanel bag! Multitasking at its best!
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Rachel Bilson has the perfect afternoon!

Saturday 9:04 PM, 15/01/2011
Oh what we wouldn't give to be her for a day!
We spotted cutie Rachel Bilson picking up food from a café yesterday after having done some intense shopping at the Chanel boutique in Los Angeles. She was prancing around the sunny streets in a fabulous cold weather outfit with a big smile on her face and a shopping bag filled to the limit with Chanel goodies. Talk about a perfect afternoon!
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Who Wore It Best - Taylor or Alessandra?

Friday 3:03 PM, 07/01/2011
Alessandra Ambrosio Taylor Swift
Singer Taylor Swift and supermodel Alessandro Ambrosio have both been seen in this hot-right-now Wildfox Couture Chanel "love potion no.9" sweater. Taylor wore hers with red lips, red sunglasses, jeans and brown booties, while Alessandro wore hers simply with black skinny jeans and black long-length boots. Which look did you prefer? Vote!


Who wore it best?

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The Best Dressed Celebrities of 2010

Monday 5:23 PM, 03/01/2011
They make us jealous with amazing collections of designer outfits, their front row seats at Fashion Week shows all over the world an...READ MORE ▶
The Best Dressed Celebrities of 2010 9. Zoe Saldana shot to fame in 2010 for her role in Avatar, but we noticed her elegant and distinctive style way before that. We loved watching on all the promotional red carpets and we think she is definitely a style to watch out for! 8. Emma Watson was the face of Burberry as 2010 started off and she has the iconic Brit brand to thank for her fabulous wardrobe! We are so jealous of her! 7. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer made a huge comeback in 2010, she worked as a muse for Karl Lagerfeld and we think she is one of the pioneers of the glam 70's trend that is coming back next season. We love her easy, Bridget Bardot-style streetwear! 6. Carey Mulligan is the woman to watch in 2011. She took the red carpet by storm this last year and is one of the fashion world's darlings right now. Her Hollywood career is about to take off in an even bigger way this next year so that means we have loads more quirky little red carpet outfits to look forward to. Yay! 5. Fearne Cotton is the queen of being bang on trend! She is the most up-to-date girl we know and she makes everything work for her, almost as though they have always just been somewhere in her wardrobe. Nobody made the menswear trend work better! Congrats Fearne, you are definitely our fashion crush! 4. Alexa Chung is practically a British fashion icon already and she is so young! This girl is winning style awards on both sides of the Atlantic! She has concurred the tough fashionistas worlds of both London and New York and its easy to see why. She is the perfect fashion plaite! 3. Blake Lively, Hollywood's golden IT girl right now, she can just do know wrong when it comes to style. It seems that everyone wants to be her right now and as the face of the next Chanel collection, we bet she is going to look even hotter this year! 2. Even though its Leighton Meester's character on Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf that set huge trends in the past year, we think Leighton has fab style too! She is not afraid of taking risks and always stands out on the red carpet with something a little bit different. We think she going to get even more amazing with her fashion choices this year... 1. Our favorite fashionista this year by far. Olivia Palermo never puts anything on that we don't wish we owned! We would die to swop clothes with this lady! She is absolutely the number one style queen of 2010!
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